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When it comes to finding or choosing French films or TV shows for kids to watch, the number of programs available on American streaming platforms can be overwhelming. That's why each month, we gather a list of great French content for kids and teens that are available to watch online. While some films or series are pure entertainment, others are designed to share useful educational concepts, and more still may be great for the whole family to enjoy! So, what's on this month?
People walking on a pathway

© Adopt a Daddy - Alain Guizard

To celebrate the Holidays, IFcinéma à la carte offers two French movies to watch with the whole family. They are available online and for free until December 31! 

Adopt a Daddy (Damien veut changer le monde) by Xavier De Choudens, 2018, 1h39
Damien and his sister Melanie lived a happy childhood, yet shaken by the constant battles led by their militant parents. After the sudden death of their mother, the rebellious spark of the family went off. 20 years later, Damien is an educator in primary school. When one paperless kid is about to be expelled out of the country with his mother, he decides to tell the authorities he is the father. Soon he convinces his sister, now a fierce delusioned lawyer, and his best friend Rudy to join the fight. Together, they will do anything to help kids from being sent back, even if it means adopting many more...

My Family and the Wolf (Ma famille et le loup) by Adria Garcia, 2018, 1h25
Everybody is gathered to celebrate Granny Sara’s 80th birthday at the seaside family house. It’s a beautiful summer for 9 years old Hugo. However this year, Granny Sara has fallen ill. One night, she brings together the family to tell the story of the Wolf. Someday the animal will come and take her away forever. Will Hugo manage to protect his grandma from the mysterious beast ?


Santa Claus is celebrating Nicholas' birthday

© Santa's Apprentice

Santa's Apprentice (L'apprenti Père Noël)
By Luc Vinciguerra, 2015, 1h11, Australia-France, PG / Recommended for ages 6+

Santa doesn't want to retire, but rules are rules and he must train someone to replace him. The lucky winner, to be chosen from among millions of children, must be named Nicholas, be an orphan and have a pure heart.

Available on Hoopla | Amazon Video | YouTube | GooglePlay | AppleTV | Vudu | Microsoft | Redbox


Bûche de noël - Minuscule

© Bûche de noël - Minuscule

Minuscule - The Yule Log (Bûche de noël)
Animated TV series (Season 2), 2012, 5 min., Recommended for ages 3+

It's Christmas time and the black ants are on the lookout for some festive cheer. When humans at a party are distracted, the ants use this opportunity to pinch a yummy yule log. Alas there is another obstacle they need to pass in order to fully succeed in this daring heist.

Available on Vimeo


Santa Claus between other Santas

© Santa & Cie

Christmas & Co (Santa & Cie)
By Alain Chabat, 2017, 1h39, France-Belgium, PG / Recommended for ages 10+

Santa's 92,000 elves all fall ill and collapse... Simultaneously on Christmas Eve! Who will make the toys for all the kids all around the world? He has no choice! Santa and his reindeer must go to Earth in search of a cure. But once he gets there, Mr. Claus will need some help to save the magic of Christmas...

Available on Hoopla | Vudu | Amazon Video | YouTube | GooglePlay | AppleTV


Chicken are outside decorating their Christmas tree.

© The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales ©Gkids

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales (Le grand méchant renard et autres contes...)
By Benjamin Renner & Patrick Imbert, 2017, 1h19, France-Belgium, PG / Recommended for ages 5+

The countryside isn't always as calm and peaceful as it's made out to be, and the animals on this farm are particularly agitated: a fox who mothers a family of chicks, a rabbit who plays the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa Claus.

Available on DirecTV | AppleTV | Microsoft | Vudu | GooglePlay | YouTube | Amazon | Hoopla


Miraculous, Cat Noir and Santa in Paris

© Miraculous

A Christmas Special - Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (Pire Noël - Miraculous : Les aventures de Ladybug et de Chat Noir)
Animated TV Series, 2016, 21 min. / Recommended for ages 7+

Parisian teen Marinette transforms herself into superhero Ladybug to find her lonely secret crush Adrien when he runs away from home at Christmas.

Available on Netflix (#tip: make sure to click on "Audio & Subtitles" and select audio in French!)


A horse is cooking a Christmas cake

© A Town Called Panic © Autour de Minuit / Shout! Factory

A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log (Panique au village : La bûche de Noël)
By Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, 2013, 26 min., Belgium-France / Recommended for ages 10+

The year’s end celebrations are coming. Christmas : the tree, the dinner, the presents. Indian and Cowboy are expecting their presents eagerly. Overexcited by the organisation of the celebration, they fight and destroy the Yule log on which Horse was putting the last touch. Horse is livid and cancels the gifts from Santa Claus. How will they win back the favours of Horse and The Old Bearded Man? How will they retrieve their gifts ? For Indian and Cowboy begins a long, very long Christmas Eve.

Available on Amazon Video | Vudu | GooglePlay | YouTube
Education resources are available in French: download it here (French level: B2).


Young girl adding a christmas hat to a dog

© Noël Noël by Nicola Lemay

Noël Noël
By Nicola Lemay, 2003, 22 min., Canada / Recommended for ages 6+

Noel Noel, a misguided billionaire, is in love with Beatrice, a bespectacled fairy. But thanks to little Zoey, her dog Snooze and a blue-eyed reindeer, his eyes are finally opened. Enlivened by a humorous and rhymed narration spoken by Leslie Nielsen, Noel Noël is an animated fantasy about Christmas reminding us that happiness comes when the heart is allowed to speak.

Available on ONF website (French version) | Amazon Video (English version)


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France starring Léa Seydoux Opens December 10

Kino Lorber is proud to announce the release of FRANCE, a satirical drama set in contemporary Paris, Léa Seydoux stars as France de Meurs, a seemingly unflappable superstar TV journalist whose career, homelife, and psychological stability are turned upside down after she carelessly drives into a young delivery man on a busy street. This unexpected eruption of reality triggers a series of self-reckonings as well as a strange romance that proves impossible to shake. As France attempts to slow down and retreat into a simpler, anonymous life, her fame continues to pursue her. Starting out as a tragicomic satire of the news media, writer-director Bruno Dumont’s provocative new film spirals out into something darker as it examines the difficulty of maintaining one’s sense of self in a corrosive culture. 
FRANCE will open in New York (Film at Lincoln Center) and Los Angeles (Nuart) on Friday, December 10th followed by a national rollout.

One of the most singular and admired French writer-directors of the last two decades, Bruno Dumont’s award-winning body of work includes The Life of Jesus (winner of the Caméra d’Or Special Mention at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival), Humanity (winner of Cannes’ Grand Prix and Acting Awards for its two non-professional leads); the road movie Twentynine Palms, shot in Joshua Tree National Park desert (2003 Venice Film Festival); Dumont won his second Cannes Grand Prix for Flanders, followed by Hadewijch and Outside Satan, two films dealing with religion and mysticism. He cast Juliette Binoche in the biopic Camille Claudel 1915 and the comedy Slack Bay, named by Cahiers du Cinéma one of the best 10 films of 2016. Dumont’s highly popular comic miniseries Lil’ Quinquin were followed by the musical Jeannette: The Chilhood of Joan of Arc (2017 Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight) and Joan of Arc (winner of Special Mention at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival's Un Certain Regard). FRANCE is his 11th film.

One of 2021’s Best Films - Cahiers du Cinéma
“Dumont delivers wild twists at a hectic pace, creating a kaleidoscopic frenzy of unreality and turning the daily life of a celebrity into a hallucinatory, media-saturated distortion.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker
“Bruno Dumont offers Léa Seydoux her most resplendent role to date, that of a woman destroyed by the media complex in which she is trapped." – Le Monde
"Bruno Dumont examines a France that has been hijacked by social media and 24/7 news. A violent satire, shot through with lightning bolts of melodrama, interpreted by Lea Seydoux gone full kamikaze." –  Premiere Magazine
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Cohen Media Group is proud to announce the Friday, October 29th release of the dark  thriller ONLY THE ANIMALS, directed and written by French director Dominik Moll (With a Friend like Harry), starring Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Denis Ménochet and Laure Calamy in New York (Quad Cinema) and Los Angeles (Nuart), followed by additional cities.
Following the disappearance of the glamorous and secretive Evelyne Ducat (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) during a blizzard in the highlands of southern France, the lives of five people inextricably linked to Evelyne are brought together to devastating effect as the local police investigate the case.
Divided into five chapters, writer-director Dominik Moll’s murder mystery features a sophisticated multi-pronged narrative structure that keeps viewers on the edge. Switching viewpoints, it gradually reveals the secret connections between a lonely farmer, an unfaithful husband and wife, a lovelorn waitress and an African internet scam artist, exposing a world of greed, lust, betrayal, and loneliness, from isolated French mountain villages to the bustling streets of Abidjan.
After growing up in Germany and France, Dominik Moll studied film at City College in New York and the French National Film School IDHEC (now called FEMIS).  A regular of the Cannes, Berlin, and Venice Film Festivals, he is best known for his dark hit comedy With a Friend Like Harry, winner of four Césars including Best Director, and the psychological thriller Lemming starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.
"Like ‘Fargo' remixed with ‘Babel' by way of Atom Egoyan... starts off as an intimate rural mystery and blossoms into a global affair where several strangers wind up connected in unexpected ways.” —  Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter
"Moll has given us this audacious, witty, and absorbing mystery thriller, a tale of adultery, and amour fou, with a gamey touch of the macabre.” — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
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9652194858?profile=RESIZE_710xDans ce nouvel épisode de Révolution bilingue, nous partons à la rencontre d’Agnès Ndiaye Tounkara, une Franco-Sénégalaise qui coordonne un programme scolaire unique en son genre, le French Heritage Language Program. Proposé dans plusieurs écoles publiques et centres communautaires de New-York, du Maine et de Floride, ce programme est destiné à des enfants francophones venus d’Afrique et d’Haïti, récemment arrivés aux Etats-Unis. Pour ces jeunes, la langue française est un atout de réussite scolaire et d’intégration.

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For the second year in a row, IFcinéma à la carte is partnering with AFCA for the "Fête du cinéma d’animation."

Throughout the month of October, discover a selection of four French short films (no dialogue):

- La Grande Migration
- In a Cage
- The Tiny Fox
- The Tiger Without Stripes


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The Translation and Interpretation Unit of the NYC Department of Education is looking for a French translator! So if you speak French, have some experiences, come work with me!! Please feel free to share as well. Merci ! #translation #French #NYCDOE #nycjobs #nycschools #frenchtranslator #frenchtranslation

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Did you know that The Hemp Exchange has created a "CBD review website"? The website explains that this is an online resource for anyone interested in learning about CBD, hemp, or any other topic relating to this cutting-edge "alternative medicine". CBD is what gives hemp its healing capabilities. So, who created this site? It was created by CFAH, a corporation dedicated to researching and disseminating information on the medicinal uses of all things hemp, organic, and edible. According to the CFAH website, CFAH experts include:

CFAH is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of CBD products. In order to join, you must first become a CFAH member. Once a member, you will be sent email updates, information on CFAH events, CFAH news, educational tools, and CFAH expert CBD reviewers. CBD review websites, such as this one, are created in order to inform consumers as to the positive results of using CBD products.

Why do I think these CBD review websites are so important? Well, because there are far too many negative reviews for many products on the market today. If you have read some of these reviews, you have found that many products claim to be natural and safe only to find that they can cause dangerous side effects, which include depression, seizures, and hallucinations. As a result of these dangerous ingredients, many children, teens, and adults are unable to use certain products due to these very unfortunate side effects. This is why I believe that it is so important to look for unbiased and professional reviews from qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about the potential benefits of CFAH products.

The second reason why CFAH has become so popular is because of the many different kinds of supplements that are available to patients with Autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities. The fact of the matter is that not every product works for every individual. By having access to an online CFAH resource, parents can determine if a product might be right for their child before trying it. As you may imagine, this type of resource also makes it easier for parents to avoid scams and fake CFAH product testimonials.

Many CFAH review websites also review CGAmeric, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, and Curcumin. These ingredients can be found at local grocery stores and are often used in homeopathic remedies. By taking advantage of these types of naturally-based CFAH products, your child can benefit tremendously from their nutritional needs. The good news is that many of these natural ingredients have been proven safe and effective for children.

Finally, parents who want to educate themselves about CFAH products should make use of CFAH websites to learn more about the different ways that each supplement can help their children. A parent who is just beginning to research CFAH should begin by reading through the CFAH website and supplement chapter, looking for helpful information about the herbs and vitamins involved. If you do not have time to research this information yourself, you can always enlist the help of a local CFAH expert. With a little bit of education, you will no doubt find that CFAH products are right for your child.

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We are thrilled to announce the opening of CALEC France as well as our new office in Paris, conveniently located on the left bank near Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and several key actors of the publishing industry, as well as major universities.

Our goals in France are to build local partnerships to better contribute to France’s debate on dual-language education and linguistic diversity; expand our European and African network of influencers, authors, and supporters; open a gateway to Europe for our initiatives; and publish more books via a partnership with Lightning Source France and Hachette Livre Distribution.

CALEC-France.jpg?resize=622%2C494&ssl=1 300w" alt="" width="622" height="494" data-recalc-dims="1" />

Our facilities on 198 Avenue de France in the 13th arrondissement include access to a 75-seat auditorium and various meeting rooms for our book events, talks, and symposiums.


CALEC is a nonprofit organization based in New York and Paris. Our mission is in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to establish language as a critical life skill, through developing & implementing dual-language education programs, to promote diversity, empowering multilingual families while fostering cross-cultural understanding, to reduce inequality, and helping to provide quality education. Our programs seek to protect world cultural heritage and support teachers, authors, and families by providing the knowledge and resources to create vibrant multilingual communities. Support us here.

Visit, our website in French, or contact us via

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Cohen Media Group is proud to announce the September 3rd release of WHO YOU THINK I AM, writer-director Safy Nebbou’s romantic cyber-drama turned psychological thriller, based on the best-selling novel by Camille Laurens starring Oscar®-winning actress Juliette Binoche. WHO YOU THINK I AM is scheduled to open in theaters on Friday, September 3, 2021 in NY (Quad Cinema), LA (Landmark), Pasadena and Encino (Laemmle), Boston (Kendall) and Philadelphia (Ritz) followed by a national roll out.
Ghosted by her hunky twentysomething lover, Claire (Binoche - balancing cunning and vulnerability), a middle-aged professor and single mom, creates a fake Facebook profile to do a little undetected online snooping. But when her 24-year-old avatar “Clara”  is friended by her ex’s equally attractive roommate (François Civil), superficial correspondence quickly escalates towards intense intimacy and uncontrollable obsession. Adapted from Camille Laurens’ best-selling novel—and co-scripted by Julie Peyr, a regular collaborator of Arnaud Desplechin—Who You Think I Am blends genres and bends reality to dizzying effect.
Writer-director Safy Nebbou films include The Giraffe’s NeckMark of an AngelThe Other Dumas and In the Forests of Siberia. His stage credits include the 2017 adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage with Laetitia Casta and Raphaël Personnaz. WHO YOU THINK I AM is his sixth feature film.
Acclaimed French-Lebanese jazz composer Ibrahim Maalouf wrote the score of WHO YOU THINK I AM. He won the César and Lumière Awards for Best Score for Nebbou’s In the Forests of Siberia and was nominated for a César in 2015 for Yves Saint LaurentMaalouf has worked with such luminaries as StingSalif KeitaAmadou & MariamVanessa ParadisJuliette Greco, and Archie Shepp.
“With Binoche once more on beguiling form… For anyone who’s ever been catfished or ghosted on the dating trail - her evocation of exhilarated human connection and terrified self-sabotage is uncomfortably easy to empathize with” —Guy Lodge, Variety
"A compulsively watchable drama which taps into some genuinely intriguing themes.” Wendy Ide, Screen International
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French teacher needed

Hello.  I am the President of the American Association of Teachers of French Pays du Nord Chapter and the coordinator for the Malone Middle School Foreign Language Department in Malone, New York.  Our district is seeking candidates for a shared middle/high school French position starting September 2021.

We are located 15 minutes from the French province of Quebec in the beautiful Adirondacks.  Our location allows for many interesting teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students.  If you have graduating students certified in teaching French 7-12 or know of candidates looking for a job teaching French, would it be possible to share this information?  The application is at the bottom of the page on the following link.
Thank you, Nancy Blais
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French Teacher Position

Malone Central School District is seeking a full-time French teacher for a combined middle and high school position (grades 7-12) for the upcoming academic year in September 2021.  Malone is located on the edge of the northern Adirondack Mountains and is home to Titus Mountain and the award-winning Malone Golf course.  It is also 15 minutes from the French-speaking province of Quebec, providing students and teachers with many learning opportunities.  Candidates with a NYS certification in French 7-12 are asked to click on the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page for the application form.

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Films on the Green Festival has rescheduled their free online screening of Vengo for tomorrow, Tuesday August 3 at 8:30PM.

Vengo, directed by Tony Gatlif, 2000, 1h30
Film in Spanish and French with English subtitles

After his brother murders a member of a rival gypsy clan and goes into hiding, Caco becomes the de facto figurehead of his “family” and protector of his handicapped nephew. As tensions mount between the two clans, threats of revenge against Caco’s nephew for the crimes of his father are played out against a backdrop of rapturous flamenco music and dance performances. A majestic ode to the artistry of flamenco featuring famous flamenco dancer Antonio Canales.

"A musical feast for the eyes and ears alike" —Film Threat

Reserve your free virtual ticket now!

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L’invité de ce 23ème épisode de Révolution Bilingue est un homme qui compte dans l’éducation bilingue. Bernard Manuel est président de l’École active bilingue Jeannine Manuel, aujourd’hui située sur trois campus à Paris, Lille et Londres et considérée comme le meilleur lycée de France depuis 8 années consécutives, avec un réseau d’anciens élèves influent qui compte des personnalités comme Antony Blinken, secrétaire d’État des États-Unis.

Lui-même bilingue et l’un des premiers élèves de l’école fondée par sa mère, Bernard Manuel a développé une expertise très écoutée de l’éducation bilingue en France et à l’étranger.


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On Friday July 16, don't miss the free outdoor screening of French-Japanese animation movie INTERSTELLA 5555: THE 5TORY OF THE 5ECRET 5TAR 5YSTEM by Leiji Matsumoto starring Daft Punk's Discovery album, in Washington Square Park! 

If you can't attend the in-person screening, don't worry! The film will also be available to watch online for free at the same date and time! You can reserve your free ticket now: 


Directed by Daisuke Nishio, Hirotoshi Rissen, Leiji Matsumoto, Kazuhisa Takenouchi, 2003, 1h08, France-Japan
Music by Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo

An unscrupulous music executive and his lackey kidnap a blue-skinned alien techno band, rob them of their identities, pass them off as human, and foist them on an unsuspecting public on Earth. After their arrival and their impact on the human population, the members of the band try to piece back their identities, escape from the clutches of the evil music executive, and return to their own world. Daft Punk’s music meets Leiji Matsumoto’s designs for this animated musical.

Presented in partnership with the Washington Square Park Conservancy.


WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK (FREE and open to the public, but seating will be limited - Reservations are not taken)

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Vous êtes un (e) artiste de langue maternelle française, vous aimez travailler auprès d’enfants et vous êtes légalement autorisés à travailler aux États-Unis ? 

Dans le cadre de son « Enrichment program » en français, EFNY recherche pour la rentrée 2021 : DES PROFESSEUR(E)S d’ARTS PLASTIQUES


Qualités requises :

- avoir une excellente maîtrise du français à l’oral comme à l’écrit

 - avoir un diplôme d’une école d’art

 - artiste dans l’âme,, vous avez le sens de la pédagogie, vous aimez enseigner et contribuer à l’éveil de la sensibilité , de la curiosité  et de l’imagination des jeunes élèves par des travaux pratiques: dessin, peinture, bande dessinée, découverte de matériaux …


Missions :

- enseigner le français à des enfants francophones et/ou anglophones (de 4 à 14 ans) à travers la culture française, les arts et le dessin

- familiariser les élèves aux différents courants artistiques par le biais de projets et de méthodes interactives


Travail à temps partiel, les après-midi 

Durée : de mi-septembre 2021 à fin juin 2022

Rémunération attractive selon expérience


Merci d’envoyer CV et lettre de motivation à



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Films on the Green is back!

Films on the Green is returning this summer with a special hybrid edition and an exciting lineup of international cinema. 

The festival’s 13th edition, which will be screened in parks––and online for the first time!—is centered on the theme of “Music and Cinema.” Featuring tunes by legendary musicians from Daft Punk to Miles Davis, this year’s film lineup and the music it incorporates can each stand alone. From July 9 to 30, Films on the Green is bringing a world music tour to the New York City area with our screenings in Manhattan parks and the French Embassy’s virtual film screening platform!



Free and open to the public. All films are shown with English subtitles. Screenings begin at 8:30PM.
*In-person screenings will abide by all state and local regulations on large-scale outdoor events in regards to COVID-19 restrictions.


Friday July 9 | Central Park & Online
La Boum by Claude Pinoteau

Music by Vladimir Cosma
Vic is in love with one of her classmates, and to make her romantic daydreams a reality, she needs to make it to a house party, aka a "boum." But that means getting permission from her parents first...



Monday, July 12 | Online
Elevator to the Gallows by Louis Malle

Music by Miles Davis
Femme fatale Florence Carala and her lover Julien plan to murder her wealthy husband, and make it look like a suicide. But things don't go as planned... Louis Malle’s feature debut with a legendary jazz score by Miles Davis!



Friday July 16 | Washington Square Park & Online
Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem by Leiji Matsumoto

Music by Daft Punk
An unscrupulous music executive and his lackey kidnap a blue-skinned alien techno band, rob them of their identities, pass them off as human, and foist them on an unsuspecting public on Earth. Daft Punk’s music meets Leiji Matsumoto’s designs!



Monday July 19 | Online
Chavela by Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi

Music performed by Chavela Vargas
Chavela is a captivating look at the unconventional life of Chavela Vargas, whose passionate renditions of Mexican popular music and triumphant return to the stage late in life brought her international fame!



Wednesday July 21 | Online
Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai by Christopher Kirkley

Music by Mdou Moctar
The first ever Tuareg-language fictional film based on the legendary rock-u-drama “Purple Rain,” with stunning musical performances from real-life musician Mdou Moctar.



Friday July 23 | Seward Park & Online
Satin Rouge by Raja Amari

Music by Nawfel El Manaa
While investigating a suspected affair between her headstrong teenaged daughter and a cabaret musician, young widow Lilia becomes drawn to the lively and hidden nightlife of sensuous belly dancers. An unlikely journey of self-discovery.



Monday July 26 | Online
Concert: Les Amazones d'Afrique

Lineup: Amnaté Danté, Babani Koné, Doctor L, Joseph Palmer, Kandia Kouyaté, Llorenç Barcelo Rives, Mamadou Diakité, Mamani Keita, Maria Doumbia, Maria Koné, Rokia Koné
Les Amazones d’Afrique is a group that brings Malian women together around issues such as equality and freedom. With their powerful voices steeped in history and their instruments, they spread messages through music.



Wednesday July 28 | Online
Vengo by Tony Gatlif

Music by Tomatito, Sheikh Ahmad Al Tuni, La Caita, Gritos de Guerra, Remedios Silva Pisa, La Paquera de Jerez
After his brother murders a member of a rival gypsy clan and goes into hiding, Caco becomes the figurehead of his “family,” and tensions mount between the two clans... A majestic ode to the artistry of flamenco!



Friday July 30 | Riverside Park & Online
Black Orpheus by Marcel Camus

Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim & Luiz Bonfá
Young lovers Orfeu and Eurydice run through the favelas of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, on the run from a hitman dressed like Death and Orfeu's vengeful fiancée Mira.



The 13th edition of FILMS ON THE GREEN is a free hybrid French film festival, with screenings in New York City parks and online, and produced by the French EmbassyNYC Parks and FACE Foundation.


FESTIVAL FRIENDS: agnès b.Maman NYC, The Mexican Cultural Institute in New YorkQwest TV, The Washington Square Park Conservancy, Nora Coblence and Frederic C. Weiss.

PARTNERS: Cinema Tropical, the African Film Festival,  Instituto Cervantes, Brasil SummerFest, and Summer on the Hudson.

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