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500 SHOWS PERFORMED inclu. Reeperbahn (DE, Eurosonic (NL), Great Escape Festival (UK)
1 FRENCH MUSIC AWARD: Les Victoires de la Musique for best new live show
GLOBAL COMMERCIALS SYNCH: The most famous luxury brands have chosen their music for their campaigns
ARMANI “SI” starring Cate Bkanchett
LACOSTE “FRENCH PANACHE”, the genderless perfume
GIORGIO ARMANI “LIP MAESTRO” lipstick web campaign

Following to having Hyphen Hyphen on Levi’s Music Project in 2018, the brand chose the band to DJ at their Coachella Pool Party, along Snoop Dogg.

In 2016, those who did not know them yet would discover Hyphen Hyphen on the prestigious Victoires de la Musique stage for an explosive performance of the single « Just Need Your Love ». The group had just won the Best New Live Act Award. A logical coronation for the young 25-year old French artists, who have become masters of the art of embracing the crowds during intense concerts – Hyphen Hyphen has a track record of several hundreds of dates in the biggest venues and festivals.

“HH”, the newest chapter of Hyphen Hypehn’s discography is composed, but also entirely produced by the band. Not a surprise coming from those Art school graduates designing also their own artworks, shows and music videos.

An impetus and a wild strength are across all the new compositions of the trio. “HH” is a grand, lively album; one in the form of a slap (and we’re asking for it again); free in the way it draws on all the genres.

It draw equally as well on the groove of RnB as it does on the immediateness of pop or the trance of UK House. A logical eclecticism for a group whose musical hall of fame brings together artists as varied as Kanye West and Chopin, Destiny’s Child and B.B. King. A great album too, in the way it puts together lyrics rich in meaning.

Hyphen Hyphen do dance for sure, but with their heads full of everything which has made up this zeitgeist: sexual freedom, a quest for intoxication and feminism.

Althought the group took sole responsibility for the production of its album, Hyphen Hyphen was also alble to surround themselves with the best: “HH” was recorded in the Parisian studio of the Air musicians (Atlas studio), where the group was able to make the most of a vast choice of synthesizers and the participation of the drummer, Zoé Hoochberg.

To perfect her voice, now capable of remarkables acrobatics, Santa called on the talent of the American Guy Roche, the regular vocal coach of the greats (Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera, etc.).

The mixing of the album was entrusted to Maxime Le Guil, already behind albums by Justice, Radiohead, and Morrissey, and the mastering was entrusted to Vlado Meller (an impressive CV – from Kanye West to Frank Ocean, by way of Michael Jackson).

Strengthened by this star casting and the immense talent of its authors, HH is an album that is at once powerful and uncategorisable, which goes straight to the heart.


5/10 @ Drake Underground – Toronto, Canada- Tickets
5/11 @ Le Ministère – Montréal, Canada – Tickets 
5/12 @ Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY – Tickets 
5/14 @ Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA – Tickets 
5/16 @ Moroccan Lounge – Los Angeles, CA – Tickets 

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Film Movement is proud to announce the release of THE WILD GOOSE LAKE, Chinese director Diao Yinan’s electrifying, gritty Chinese noir thriller opening on Friday, March 6th, 2020 at New York’s Film Forum followed by a national roll out.

Set in the nooks and crannies of densely populated Wuhan in central China, the film’s sensibility manages to be both elegant and down-and-dirty. It follows the desperate attempts of small-time mob boss Zhou Zenong (the charismatic Hu Ge) to stay alive after he mistakenly kills a cop and a dead-or-alive reward is put on his head. Director Diao (UNIFORM; NIGHT TRAIN; BLACK COAL, THIN ICE) proves his action bona fides in a series of stylized set pieces and violent shocks as a romance forms between Zhou and a mysterious young woman (Gwei Lun-mei) who’s out to either help or betray him. Diao deftly keeps multiple characters and chronologies spinning, while examining social change in contemporary China. Chaotic and nocturnal, THE WILD GOOSE LAKE is punctuated by long pursuits and stunningly choreographed gang fights, in a filmic geometry of arresting beauty and originality.

Diao Yinan was born in Xi'an, China, and studied dramatic literature at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. He has directed the features Uniform, Night Train, and Black Coal, Thin Ice. THE WILD GOOSE LAKE is a box office sensation in China, having grossed $23 million in its first week of release. French Academy Award winning producer Alexandre Mallet-Guy also served as co-producer on the film.

"Diao Yinan delivers a definitive Chinese crime noir, in which the ravishing style and inventive staging form the substance. Staged and executed with...slick, dark dazzle. Reteaming with cinematographer Dong Jinsong, Diao shows an extraordinarily elastic mastery of form. THE WILD GOOSE LAKE is like an organic feature of the Chinese cinematic landscape, as though it pooled onto the screen in all its oily, murky glory, having welled up from deep inside the ground. Suddenly, China feels like the noirest place on Earth.” — Jessica Kiang, Variety

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Job Opportunity: French Preschool Teachers

Bonjour à tous, 

Smith Street Maternelle is opening a second location in Gowanus in September 2020, and we have a few openings for lead and assistant teacher positions. Our current staff is a group of wonderful, warm, brilliant teachers who are deeply dedicated to the growth of our program within the French American community in Brooklyn. It is an incredible opportunity to become a part of a tight-knit community of bilingual educators and families. Learn more about our program here.
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV to 
Merci beaucoup! 
Olivia Ramsey 
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Join us for our Bonjour NY Mid-Winter Recess Camp! 

Bonjour NY offers fun-filled camps during the mid-winter recess, between Feb.17 and the 21st. Our camp provide a FUN, ENGAGING, and SAFE place for children to spend their days, during the mid-winter break.

Register Now Spots are limited! 


Modeled after our popular Summer Day Camp curriculum, our mini-camps incorporate various arts and craft, sports, songs, cooking and recreational activities to keep your child active, learning, and moving all day - en français. 

Mini-camps are available for kids ages 3.5 to 11. Children are split into 2 age groups.

Camps take place from 8:30am to 5:00pm at our BROOKLYN location (9 Hanover Pl). After camp care is available until 6:00pm.

It's going to be a blast! 

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Join us for our Bonjour NY Mid-Winter Recess Camp! 

Bonjour NY offers fun-filled camps during the mid-winter recess, between Feb.17 and the 21st. Our camp provide a FUN, ENGAGING, and SAFE place for children to spend their days, during the mid-winter break.

Register Now Spots are limited! 


Modeled after our popular Summer Day Camp curriculum, our mini-camps incorporate various arts and craft, sports, songs, cooking and recreational activities to keep your child active, learning, and moving all day - en français. 

Mini-camps are available for kids ages 3.5 to 11. Children are split into 2 age groups.

Camps take place from 8:30am to 5:00pm at our BROOKLYN location (9 Hanover Pl). After camp care is available until 6:00pm.

It's going to be a blast! 

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Last week end, for the 7th consecutive year, FHLP students from Manhattan International High School and International Community High School won two prizes during the 21th edition of the Theater Festival Premiere Scene, organized by the Lycée Français de New York . They joined more than 100 students from over 15 bilingual private schools in the US and Canada, to celebrate the French language on stage. Le weekend dernier, pour la 7ième année consécutive, des étudiants du FHLP, inscrits dans les lycées internationaux Manhattan International et Community international High School, ont gagné deux prix pendant la 21 ième édition de Première Scène, le festival de théâtre du Lycée Français de New York . Ils ont rejoint des étudiants de 15 autres écoles des Etats et du Canada, pour célébrer la langue française sur scène.
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Guide pratique education bilingue


The below guide, created for New York's francophone population, explains, through broad strokes, the opportunities for bilingual education for French and francophone students within the context of the American K-12 school system. The guide also includes alternative ideas for bilingual education geared toward younger children.  

Cette note, à l’attention du public francophone, expose les grandes lignes du système scolaire américain K-12 et regroupe les possibilités d’éducation bilingue pour les enfants français et francophones. Principalement orientée vers l’enseignement scolaire, la note regroupe également des idées alternatives pour permettre l’apprentissage du français aux plus jeunes.

Guide pratique education bilingue.pdf

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BREAKING NEWS: Your favorite summer camp, now with THREE languages in THREE locations! Triple the fun!

Click here to register for an Open House Event


Come and find out about our program, on Saturday February 8th at SLA International School (9 Hanover Place) at 12:30 pm. 

Bring your children along!

For info, please visit our website or call us at 646-974-9220

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3840405404?profile=RESIZE_710xThe latest U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey reports that 1,203,941 people in the U.S. speak French at home.This includes speakers of French Patois and Cajun.  These individuals are over 5 years old (count another 4.6% if you want to include children under 5, or 55,380 children). Despite a drop since my last count, French is still the fifth most common non-English language spoken in U.S. households, after Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

Francophone communities in the United States have many different historical and geographic origins.Some Francophone communities trace their lineage as far back as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when settlers and refugees immigrated from Europe and Canada. These groups, such as the Acadians of Maine and Louisiana have passed their language down through the generations.The US Census reports 7,997,196 individuals with French ancestry, and an additional 2,109,242 reporting French-Canadian ancestry (2013-2017 American Community Survey).

Other communities of French speakers arrived in the U.S. more recently, mainly from France, Haiti, Senegal, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, the DRC, and other African countries. It is interesting to note that 824,884 individuals over the age of 5 report speaking Haitian at home (1,202, 251 report Haitian ancestry). Also, 484,415 individuals report speaking West African languages, and 213,484 report speaking Central/East/South African languages. Many of these individuals are multilingual and can speak, read, and write in French, and in other languages.

Franco-American communities long-established in New England and Maine, most notably the Cajuns and Houma people of Louisiana, and the Franco-Americans in Maine, have begun to revitalize the French language after years of neglect due to prolonged discrimination within their local communities. Meanwhile, French parents within expatriate communities have managed to create bilingual programs and promote French after-school instruction in public schools in urban centers such as New York, Miami, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other areas which stand out on the map above. Together these groups form a diverse community of heritage language speakers who maintain a strong connection to the French language, making it one of the most vibrant languages spoken everyday in the United States.

Fabrice Jaumont

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Dans quelle langue doit-on commencer à lire ? Quelles sont les bonnes pratiques d’enseignement de la lecture et de l’écriture en contexte bilingue ? Quels conseils donner aux parents qui n’ont pas accès à une école bilingue pour développer le bilinguisme. Voici quelques questions abordées dans ce nouvel épisode de Révolution bilingue avec Marie Bouteillon, une pédagogue passionnante et engagée dans le développement de l’enseignement en deux langues.

Présenté par French Morning, Révolution Bilingue est soutenu par la fondation CALEC (Center for Advancement of Languages, Cultures and Communities).

Ecoutez l'épisode 13 sur Spreaker ou iTunes

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Comme un Lion (Little Lion)
Directed by Samuel Collardey

Length:1h42min | Recommended age 10+
In French with English subtitles

Mitri is fifteen and lives in a Senegalese village. Like all boys his age, he plays football and dreams of Barça and of Chelsea. When a recruiting agent picks him up out, Mitri believes his chance has come. But to get seen by the great European football clubs, one has to pay. His
family chips in and puts itself into debt to help him. Once in Paris, everything collapses: Mitri finds himself abandoned, without a dime in his pocket, and unable to imagine dealing with the shame should he return to his village. An odyssey which will require all his resourcefulness hence begins. But his football dream will soon catch up with him...

Presented by:

logo-cmyk_1.jpg?itok=ftyao31G af_cartouche_logo_rvb_0.jpg?itok=YSbJF9Sc institut-francais_1.png?itok=FtLvZU3L bhspta.jpg?itok=OJcsL_j3

More information:

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Job:  Summer Day Camp Site Director

Location:  Brooklyn and Manhattan

Dates: June 29 through August 28, 2020 + several training sessions in May and June

Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Are you looking for a great and meaningful way to spend the summer? 

Position Summary:

Work at the best bilingual camp ever!! Dynamic team, wonderful campers between 3.5 and 11 years old. French Language Traditional active camp: swimming, arts, sports, outdoor activities…

A Director is responsible for the direct care and supervision of all campers and Team members, promoting and actively participating in all camp activities, providing a safe and fun learning environment, and serving as a positive role model for campers and Team members.

Position Objective/Purpose:

We are seeking motivated team members who believe deeply in the organization’s mission and who display a record of achievement in effective supervision & management of Team members and campers.  The candidate must be capable of building positive relationships, providing top-notch customer service and ensuring the safety and well-being of people of all ages.  This position will require the candidate to complete multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment while maintaining the professional standards of Bonjour NY. 

Job Description:

  1. Group supervision of campers with attention to: behavior and group management, health and safety, security, and personal and skill development
  2. Create a high-energy, fun, and creative experience for campers
  3. Complete paperwork as assigned
  4. Manage daily camper sign-in and pick-up procedure
  5. Serve as a positive role model to campers and Team members
  6. Monitor the organization, supervision, and administration of all activities and assemblies
  7. Assure quality of the camp program
  8. Oversee campers’ behavior management
  9. Coordinates camp daily transportation and camp daily schedules
  10. Conduct morning briefings daily with Team
  11. Conduct summer Team member evaluations
  12. Assist and support the Executive Director in any camp operation or activity
  13. Attend all BNY events
  14. Model behavior & group management strategies for groups
  15. Monitor safety and security of all campers and Team Members
  16. Conduct tours of the camp facilities and program areas to prospective camp families
  17. Follow, implement and maintain the BNY Code and Look at all times
  18. Exhibit BNY Core Values at all times and adhere to all company policies
  19. Be accessible by phone, text and email in the evening after camp is over and on weekends
  20. Have fun
  21. Participate in camp activities to the extent necessary for proper awareness and supervisory functioning. 
  22. Establish procedures, routines and practices for camp operations
  23. Ensure that risk prevention and crisis management plans are implemented.
  24. Other responsibilities as assigned

Position competencies for success:

  1. Understand and support the mission of the organization
  2. Ability to work effectively with others in all levels of the organization in a professional manner
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Commitment to the growth and development of youth
  5. Commitment to producing consistent, high-quality work
  6. Excellent judgment, ability to identify problems and works quickly to find solutions
  7. Patient, caring and creative
  8. Flexible, adaptive and a Team player
  9. Desire to make a difference in the life of a child
  10. Mental and physical ability to deal with high stress situations and to work well under pressure.
  11. Ability to perform several tasks concurrently.
  12. Knowledge of/practical experience in: camper psychology, peer leadership and supervision, staff management & motivation.

Experience Requirements:

  • 3 seasons of previous administrative or supervisory experience in camping or equivalent experience*

* Equivalent experience is defined as : At least one year of supervisory or administrative experience working with children under the age of 16 in educational, developmental and/or recreational programs

Certification Requirements:

  1. First Aid/CPR or ability to obtain these prior to the 1st day of employment.
  2. Lifeguard and lifeguard management & Supervision certifications or ability to obtain these prior to the 1st day of employment.

Education Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

Other Skills Requirements:

  1. Outstanding communication skills which include the ability to use clear, concise and grammatically correct written and oral language in all aspects of professional interaction with campers, their families, peers, leadership team and the larger community in both French and English.

Reporting Relationships:

  1. Reports directly to and takes direction from Camp Coordinator.
  2. Keeps constant open communication with office assistant

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

  1. Candidates must be a minimum of 21 years old.
  2. French fluent (French native is preferred).
  3. Must be available to work the full camp program, and to begin part-time administrative work in the spring
  4. Must be accessible by phone, text and email in the evenings after camp is over and on weekends during camp season
  5. Mentally and physically able to deal with high stress situations and work well under pressure
  6. Strong swimmer, must be able to obtain a lifeguard certification
  7. Ability to push/pull, lift and carry a minimum of 35lbs
  8. Endurance to work outside and on your feet for 10 hours per day
  9. Good physical condition which enables candidate to execute all responsibilities associated with this position
  10. Willing to work remotely from home after camp hours
  11. Experience supervising/managing/motivating a group of children. And a group of adults
  12. Willing to hold staff meetings and team building events outside of work hours


All directors must attend several training sessions/orientation conducted in the months preceding camp.

International staff: Bonjour NY will participate in visa fees. Bonjour NY does not provide housing. Candidates must make their own housing arrangements. 

Application Process:

  • Please click on the “Apply Now” section of our website, create an account and fill out an application.
  • We will contact you to set up an interview.


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Bonjour NY invites you to our

Open House event at Schechter Manhattan on Saturday January 18, at 12:30 pm.

Click here to register for an Open House Event


Come and find out about our program, on Saturday January 18th at Schechter Manhattan 805 Columbus Ave, 12:30 pm.

Bring your children along!

For info, please visit our website or call us at 646-974-9220

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3821519776?profile=RESIZE_710x“La Petite Ecole”, école d’immersion francophone située dans le Greenwich Village, recherche un(e) Enseignant(e) de Maternelle à temps plein.

Inspirée par la philosophie Reggio Emilia, l’école intègre un curriculum d’art dans un projet éducationnel basé sur les intérêts de l’enfant.

Qualifications :

  • Formation bac +3 dans le domaine de l'education
  • Langue Maternelle Française (ou Maîtrise Complète de la Langue Française)
  • Maîtrise de l'enseignement de la petite enfance ou en éducation spécialisée
  • Expérience avec les jeunes enfants avec ou sans besoins spécialisés
  • Formation et/ou expérience dans le domaine de l’orthophonie appréciée

Fonctions et responsibilités

  • Travailler avec 12 enfants dans une classe âgés entre 2 et 5 ans
  • Travailler dans un milieu éducatif inspiré par la philosophie Reggio Emilia
  • Créer un environnement adapté aux âges des enfants qui encourage le développement des enfants et des familles.
  • Faire preuve de connaissances et de compréhension des besoins individuels des jeunes enfants: creation d’objectifs personnalisés
  • Créer un programme et un environnement semblable à celui de la maison.
  • Participer aux journées de formation professionnelle.
  • Prise de notes quotidiennes pour les enfants qui ont des difficultés d’apprentissage.
  • Travail en coopération avec les parents d'élèves.

Merci d’envoyer vos CV et lettre de motivation à


La Petite Ecole has two convenient locations in Manhattan! Come visit us!
Upper West Side

159 West 82nd Street, #1 
New York, NY 10024

Greenwich Village
7 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10011

Telephone: (646) 504-9694
Questions or comments? Please email us at
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Bonjour NY invites you to our Open House event at Science, Language & Arts International School, on Wednesday January 15th, at 6:30 pm.

Click here to register for the Open House Event


Come and find out about our program tomorrow at SLA International School, 9 Hanover Place 6:30 pm.

Bring your children along!

For info, please visit our website or call us at 646-974-9220

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3807687213?profile=RESIZE_710xJoin us for one of our mini-camp sessions!

Bonjour NY offers fun-filled camps during school breaks and holidays! Our mini-camps provide a FUN, ENGAGING, and SAFE place for children to spend their day.

Register Now Spots are limited! 

Modeled after our popular Summer Day Camp curriculum, our mini-camps incorporate various arts and craft, sports, songs, cooking and recreational activities to keep your child active, learning, and moving all day - en français. 

Mini-camps are available for kids ages 3.5 to 11. Children are split into 2 age groups.

Camps take place from 8:15am to 5pm at our BROOKLYN location (9 Hanover Pl). After camp care is available until 6pm.

It's going to be a blast! 

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3805527629?profile=RESIZE_710xBoerum Hill School for International Studies is an International Baccalaureate and dual language  public middle and high school in Brooklyn, NY. We emphasize equity, student voice, and real world inquiry.  Our students are challenged and supported to think creatively and critically as socially conscious global citizens in a warm and dynamic school community.


Teaching Position Available: Two French Teacher Positions.  

Grades 9-12 and  Grades 6-8 

To Apply:  Please send resume and cover letter to

Our Mission Statement 

The Boerum Hill School for International Studies is committed to creating a learning environment that develops inquisitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate young people who work to create a just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. As an International Baccalaureate World School, our classrooms are rich with authentic, project-based, and interdisciplinary learning. We emphasize intellectually challenging, culturally responsive curricula, and robust dual-language courses which empower our students to become active, engaged, and socially conscious global citizens.

 We are looking for talented and committed educators to join our school.  We offer many exciting opportunities for teachers, including:

  • A deep commitment to equity, social justice, and on-going anti-bias work.
  • An intentionally inclusive and diverse school with several ICT (integrated co-taught) classes per grade, heterogeneous classrooms, and admissions policies in place to maintain socio-economic diversity. 
  • Student centered classroom environments that cultivate confident, powerful, and curious thinkers.
  • International Baccalaureate trainings and the support of International Baccalaureate Coordinators at both the Middle Years Program (grades six through ten) and Diploma Program (grades eleven and twelve) levels.
  • A collaborative, intellectually engaged staff who deepen their practice together through co-planning, inquiry, and inter-visitation.
  • Opportunities to design deep units of study framed by International Baccalaureate principles, including interdisciplinary units in partnership with colleagues from other subject groups.
  • Robust peer coaching and a wide range of professional development opportunities to support teacher development.
  • A well developed Restorative Justice Program that includes dedicated Restorative Justice faculty and a school-wide Advisory Program.
  • Distributed leadership and a variety of teacher leadership opportunities.
  • Active collaboration between teachers and school leadership.
  • Dual language for all students regardless of their current level of foreign language proficiency.   
  • Exemplary Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Dance, Culinary, and Physical Education Programs.
  • Partnerships with a wide range of community organizations.
  • Joyful collaboration with families.
  • International student trips.
  • Location in vibrant Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Ideal applicants will demonstrate:

  • Unwavering commitment to students and to addressing their instructional and socio-emotional needs through differentiation.
  • Ability to integrate small group instruction, rich investigations, and interdisciplinary connections into curriculum planning for heterogeneous classrooms.
  • Flexibility, comfort with self-reflection, and a problem-solving stance.
  • Interest in collaborating with teachers and administration around instruction and school-wide policies.
  • Certification to teach in the NYC public schools.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • A commitment to teaching as an act of social justice.
  • Excitement for ongoing professional development.

Check us out at


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