NYC District 2- French Dual Language Program-


== Attention certified Early childhood New York State teachers (with French dual language extension or a desire to get the bilingual extension) ==

The District 2 Pre-K Centers are looking for two French bilingual teachers certifed in (early) childhood education for the 2020-2021 school year.

Interested candidates who meet those qualifications should send a CV, cover…

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The Ideal Exhibition with Hervé Tullet - Wikipedia

Art in my Window: An Ideal Exhibition at home with Hervé Tullet

Can an exhibition take place in a shoebox? In a museum? In a window? Of course! Anything’s possible. 

Children, families and art-lovers of all ages are invited to add color and joy to the world as part of “The ideal exhibition with Hervé Tullet.”

Created in 2018 by Hervé Tullet and Tobo Studio, the Ideal Exhibition is a project in which the acclaimed children’s book author…

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District 13 in Brooklyn and Superintendent Kamar Samuels are committed to creating long term options for increasing the quality of Middle Schools by serving the needs of the community. The creation of the French Dual Language Program at Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is a centerpiece of this strategic plan. Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is located in close proximity to existing elementary French Dual Language programs at PS 20 and PS 133. Principal Paula…

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