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  • Enrique, vous aviez des idees formidables sur la discussion de l'individualisme des francais lors de la soiree du Vendredi 13 Novembre. Nous esperons que vous puissiez les publier en commentaires sur mon mur de "une bonne discussion". Merci et au plaisir de vous lire.
  • Enrique, I would love to speak with you about live music for The French Culture Night !


  • Enrique: I look forward to seeing you next Wed. Because I am teaching until 9:30 that night nearby, I shall definitely be there by 10 and would most likely also pop in at the beginning. Absolutely, let's do a wine event at the next one. Let's chat about it either at the party or at anytime that is convenient for you. I also sent you a private message regarding something else.
  • Bonjour Enrique,
    Malheureusement non. Je vais continuer a y penser. Je te fais signe dans le cas contraire. ciao!
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