• Zeroue 679-9355 ($$$$) (13 E 37 St) M-F: 12pm-10:30pm; Sa from 5pm.
    • NFL superstar and Restaurant owner Amos Zereoue ( When the idea of opening a restaurant came to your mind?
      Amos Zereoue: I always love to cook. I remember when I was playing football. I sometimes cook for my team members and they used to enjoy it. So when I stop my career I thought I was the time to move to my second passion cooking. Since 2005 I am enjoying it. You mean that you cook for your customers?
      Amos Zereoue: Yes I do. Look how I am dress right now. Can’t you tell? (He is wearing a chef outfit) Is Zereou’s an African restaurant?
      Amos Zereoue: It is a mix of African and French cuisine with a special touch proper to Zereou’s. What makes your clientele?
      Amos Zereoue: We have a little bit of everything. American customers who want to discover new cuisine. African customers who want to share part of their culture with their American friends. French customers who come more and more to enjoy our French cuisine, or discover our specialties.

  • But also, Treichville 212 369 7873 ($$) (339 E 118 St) 1pm-3am.
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