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Dear People, 
With Winter upon us and outdoor life in hibernation, it's an ideal time to expend our neuron pathways through language learning!
Meet a native French tutor every week for casual conversations with grammatical support in French, discover French language through its culture, artists and cooking.
Classes are held on Wednesdays afternoon at Roots cafe in South Slope or online on Thursdays
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Yours as always
Happy Holidays!
The Brooklyn Beanstalk team
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Bleu Blanc Rouge NY is based on a unique concept: proposing Summer camps with daily French classes, a lot of art and an assortment of many other activities such as sport, museum visit, dance etc. 

We welcome kids aged from 3 to 11 years old, with or without French background, to teach them or make them improve their French in a very fun context. At Bleu Blanc Rouge NY, we truly believe that learning while having fun is the most effective way to learn, so that's what we seek to do. All our teachers come from France and are bilingual in order to ensure a communicative and effective teaching.  

Moreover, our camps seek to promote a value that is, today, essential: protecting the environment. For this, we wanted to direct our activities around that idea and our artistic workshops around recycling using a majority of recovered material. Therefore, this initiative makes it possible to link entertainment and engagement, two concepts which are finally not very distant. 

Joining Bleu Blanc Rouge NY's camps is the guarantee of a program that actually works and will make sure to give your child an unforgettable moment!


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