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Nov 16, 2012
October 11, 2012

  • Oct 11, 2012 to Nov 16, 2012
  • Location: Lincoln Plaza Cinema and IFC Center
  • Description:

    MPI Pictures is proud to announce the release of THE BIG PICTURE, Eric Lartigau’s French thriller adapted from Douglas Kennedy’s American novel, starring Romain Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Heartbreaker,) Marina Foïs, Neils Arestrup and Catherine Deneuve.  THE BIG PICTURE is scheduled to open in New York at Lincoln Plaza Cinema and IFC Center on Friday, October 12.

    Paul Exben (Romain Duris in an intense perfomance) is a handsome and successful thirty-something Parisian corporate lawyer with a beautiful wife, two children, and a glimmering future as a partner in the firm he co-owns with his mentor, Anne (Catherine Deneuve.) But behind this deceptively perfect bourgeois façade lies a desire for creative fulfillment, a restless spirit who despises his conformist life and envies the freedom of his neighbor Greg (Eric Ruf,) an uncompromising photojournalist.

    Greg’s unexpected death throws Paul’s life into chaos, and he makes a startling decision that pushes him into unknown territor

  • Created by: Aimee Morris
October 25, 2012

  • Oct 25, 2012 to Nov 30, 2012
  • Location: The Sunshine Cinema + Clearview Cinemas
  • Description:

    Writer-director Lorraine Lévy’s THE OTHER SON, is a moving and provocative tale – filmed in Israel and the West Bank - of two young men – one Israeli, the other Palestinian, who discover they were accidentally switched at birth, and the complex repercussions on themselves and their respective families.

    Joseph (Jules Sitruk), an 18-year-old musician preparing to join the Israeli army for his mandatory military service, lives at home in a comfortable suburb of Tel Aviv with his parents, France-born physician Orith (Emmanuelle Devos) and Israel-born army commander Alon Silbers (Pascal Elbé). A blood test for Joseph’s military service reveals that he is not their biological son; during the Gulf War Joseph was evacuated from a clinic along with another baby; both were given back to the wrong families. While the Palestinian Joseph went to Tel Aviv with the Silbers, their actual Jewish son, Yacine (Medhi Dehbi) was brought to the West Bank by the Arab couple, Said (Khalifa Natour) and Leila (

  • Created by: Aimee Morris
October 29, 2012
  • Love is French

  • Oct 29, 2012 at 3:00pm to Nov 26, 2012 at 2:00pm
  • Location: The Metropolitan Room
  • Description:
    A new «little sparrow» has landed.  Ankah infuses her daringly dramatic evocation of Piaf’s art with a contemporary energy and rhythm.—Broadway World
    Floanne is the French Madonna—Timeout NY 
    Undeniably effective renditions—Cabaret Scenes
    Her training is evident.  Her voice has marvelous range.—Times Square Chronicles
    Trip to France: $2,000. Hotel with a view of the Eiffel tower: $600 a night. Bottle of champagne: $100.  Night in Paris in the city of New York being mesmerized and serenaded by Floanne: priceless. Treat yourself to a night in Paris without even leaving home. The French Chanteuse envelopes you with style and originality that eases you into a relaxed mood and leaves at the end of the night full of romance and forgetting where you are and where you came from… like in a Woody Allen movie.
    In her new show «Love is French», Floanne explores, rather academically… love. In a jazz cabaret show of French chanson with a a comedic flavor, a lot of personality and romantic overtones , Flo
  • Created by: Flo Ankah
November 2, 2012
  • Veronique Forest in Chelsea Exhbition

  • Nov 2, 2012 at 7:00am to Nov 21, 2012 at 1:00pm
  • Location: Agora Gallery
  • Description:


    NEW YORK, NY – Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature the original work of French artist, Veronique Forest in Altered States of Reality. The exhibition is scheduled to run from November 1 through November 21, 2012. The opening reception will be held on Thursday night, November 8, 2012 from 6-8 pm

    About the Artist

    With fresh angles and edges, abstracted yet eloquently tangible, French artist Veronique Forest photographs spaces and subjects with a zealous enthusiasm for movement and emotion. Trained as a dancer, Forest takes inspiration from the multitudes of gestures and motions that exist within the space of a dancer’s stage. Passionate in her tenacious search for novel and original moments to capture on photographic film, the artist has steadfastly trained her eye and technique through practice behind the camera. Sharp lines form abstracted, graceful gesticulations, while a metallic palette imbues a sparkling brilliance in these works. “As a dancer and photographer, I look through my pho

  • Created by: Amanda Michaels - Agora Gallery
November 6, 2012
  • Here and Elsewhere: The Films of Jean Rouch Part I & II

  • Nov 6, 2012 to Nov 27, 2012
  • Location: FIAF & Anthology Film Archives
  • Description:
    Anthropologist Jean Rouch’s filmography includes over a hundred titles-from ethnographic studies of divine possession to a collective improvisation about itinerant chicken vendors-and although its central place in cinema history is recognized, the majority of it remains more talked about than seen.

    This retrospective is supported by L’Institut Francais, Comité du Film Ethnographique, Archives françaises du film du CNC and by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

  • Created by: Nathalie Charles
November 14, 2012
  • Huis Clos / No Exit by Sartre

  • Nov 14, 2012 at 3:30pm to Nov 18, 2012 at 10:00am
  • Location: 45th street theater, 354 W 45th street (btw 8 and 9 ave)
  • Description:
    LRP Production is thrilled to present Huis Clos/ No Exit by Sartre in french with english subtitles
    Directed by Roxane Revon and featuring Brice Baillé, Isis, Roxane Revon and Charlotte H.
    Sommes-nous autre chose que la somme cumulée de nos actes ?
    Que reste-t-il de Garcin, d'Ines et Estelle après leur mort ?
    Trois personnages peinent à assumer leurs actions passées et
    doivent subir le poids infernal du regard des autres. Pour toujours.

    GARCIN, journalist, INÈS, employee of Post and ESTELLE, a wealthy socialite, are led into hell. Hell is disarming since no torture, no executioner awaits them. It is a room, simply, in which they learn about themselves.


    Jean-Paul Sartre describes his "hell" as other people. Those who are watching us, judging us, keep us awake. Forever our three characters are forced to live together and to torture in turn. Their hell gradually takes shape before their eyes as they reveal their lives and their tastes and cowardice.

  • Created by: Roxane Revon
November 15, 2012
  • Garden of Delights by Arrabal at the Theater for the New City

  • Nov 15, 2012 at 3:00pm to Dec 2, 2012 at 10:00am
  • Location: Theater for the New City - Joyce and Seward Johnson Theater
  • Description:

    The New Stage Theatre Company updates Arrabal's tale of Lais' dazzling and bizarre journey in this mesmeric production directed by Ildiko Nemeth, with video projection designers Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger. Through a carefully crafted imaginary, the play depict some of the ways that today's culture - celebrity-obsessed to an unprecedented degree - and the preponderance of certain primal behaviors within that culture, may inform the audience's interpretation of Arrabal's premise.

    Garden of Delights showcases the vivid and surrealist imagination of controversial Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal, whose work explores complicated themes of sexuality, violence, good, and evil. Lais, a celebrated but troubled actress, fields calls from a live studio audience while ensconced in her palatial home. The lines between reality, dream and memory are blurred as Lais interacts with figures from her past and with Zenon, an ape-like beast that she keeps in a cage but cannot quite control.


  • Created by: Isabelle Duverger
November 16, 2012
  • The Contenders 2012 | Farewell my Queen by Benoît Jacquot

  • Nov 16, 2012 from 11:30am to 1:30pm
  • Location: MoMA
  • Description:

    2012. France/Spain. Directed by Benoît Jacquot.

    "Versailles in July 1789. There’s growing disquiet at the court of King Louis XVI: the people are defiant and the country is on the brink of revolution. Behind the scenes at the royal palaces, emergency plans are being made. One of Marie Antoinette’s ladies-in-waiting is Sidonie Laborde, who, as the Queen’s reader, is a member of the monarch’s inner circle. Concerned that her escape might fail, the queen gives instructions for the girl to step into her carriage dressed in the queen’s clothes while the queen herself is to escape from the palace unseen at night. At first Sidonie is proud to have such an honor bestowed upon her—but she soon realizes that her mistress’ request has nothing to do with her affection for her. Based on Chantal Thomas’ award-winning novel of the same name, Benoït Jacquot’s film portrays the early days of the French Revolution and also draws parallels to the present" (Berlin International Film Festival). Print cour

  • Created by: Nathalie Charles
  • Freedom Song | Chante Libète a celebration of the Battle of Vertières Friday, November 16th 7pm at Galapagos Art Space

  • Nov 16, 2012 from 2:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Location: Galapagos Arts Space
  • Description:

    Featuring Emeline Michel & a special tribute to FREEDOM by KaNu Dance Theater, followed by a late night dance party with DJ Val Jeanty

    In Haiti, the historic Battle of Vertières on November 18th, 1803 marked the final battle for independence from France and signified the beginning of a new era in Haitian history.

    On November 16th, 2012 we will pay tribute to the Haitian revolutionaries that fought, fell, and yet succeeded in establishing the world's first independent black nation. Through song, dance, and celebration, we will channel the legacy of Haiti's revolutionary sacrifice and remember.

    KaNu Dance Theater will open the evening with a homage to the legacy of the Haitian Revolution.

    Emeline Michel, internationally-acclaimed Haitian songstress will perform a special set highlighting her famous Rasin and Rara sounds as well as give us an exclusive chance to hear songs from her upcoming album, “Quintessence.”

    Stay with us as we travel into the evening with DJ Val Jeanty spinning the best o

  • Created by: Jessica Senat
  • Afro-Caribbean night

  • Nov 16, 2012 from 5:30pm to 11:00pm
  • Location: the Vault @ Element
  • Description:

    They say music is therapeutic. As we move towards the road of recovery, MIA & The Xiles welcome You on Friday November 16th to join us at Element/The Vault Ultra lounge.
    We have 2 of NY's best behind the turn tables, DJ Birane & Xpect, spinning music from around the motherland, the US and Caribbean. The last event was a Blast and only with your support can we keep the momentum.
    So we ask that you tell a friend, call a friend and make your way on 11/16 to the Vault for an AFRO-CARIBBEAN night.

    PS: We have made NY our home. In the aftermath of Sandy, we will be making Donation and Collecting Donations to Community based relief Organization

    For more info:

    Peace, Love and Blessing

  • Created by: antonio