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For Rose, “her family and society were everything for her.” DeCosse explains that even though Rose had a challenging time, to say the least, in East Hampton, she found people of different nationalities who were good to her, and this broadened her mind. A very kind teacher, who became a kind of mentor to her, encourages her to learn English for her societal survival in the U.S. This central message is what DeCosse wants us to take away from her latest book–this opening of the mind, this understanding of different cultural perspectives that Rose comes to achieve.
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[Upcoming Book Talk] Imagine an America where kids have even more chance for success, thanks to their experiences in dual language and community-based heritage language schools. Where businesses gain an edge globally because they can literally speak their customers’ language. Where lifelong learners can become more than tourists in other countries and finely hone their brainpower. More than just imagining such a country, Steve Leveen has discovered that this is the America we are becoming. Join us on May 6 for a lively discussion with Steve Leveen and Fabrice Jaumont.
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Last week end, for the 7th consecutive year, FHLP students from Manhattan International High School and International Community High School won two prizes during the 21th edition of the Theater Festival Premiere Scene, organized by the Lycée Français de New York . They joined more than 100 students from over 15 bilingual private schools in the US and Canada, to celebrate the French language on stage. Le weekend dernier, pour la 7ième année consécutive, des étudiants du FHLP, inscrits dans les lycées internationaux Manhattan International et Community international High School, ont gagné deux prix pendant la 21 ième édition de Première Scène, le festival de théâtre du Lycée Français de New York . Ils ont rejoint des étudiants de 15 autres écoles des Etats et du Canada, pour célébrer la langue française sur scène.
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