New French Dual Language Program at Fort Greene Prep Academy

District 13 in Brooklyn and Superintendent Kamar Samuels are committed to creating long term options for increasing the quality of Middle Schools by serving the needs of the community. The creation of the French Dual Language Program at Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is a centerpiece of this strategic plan. Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is located in close proximity to existing elementary French Dual Language programs at PS 20 and PS 133. Principal Paula Lettiere is one of the most experienced principals in District 13 and has created a school whose focus is serving the needs of all students. Fort Greene Preparatory Academy has an experienced quality staff that has developed a rigorous academic program. The school is poised and ready to expand to its next phase of serving the community.

Here is a virtual tour of the school:

And here is the recording for a meeting that took place on April 22, 2020 with Superintendent Kamar Samuels, Principal Paula Lettiere, Fabrice Jaumont and a group of parents and educators to discuss the opening of Fort Greene Preparatory Academy's French Dual Language program in September 2020.



5049343687?profile=RESIZE_710xPaula Lettiere is the founding principal of Fort Greene Preparatory Academy. As a graduate of Pratt Institute, she was proud to have the opportunity to open a school in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Principal Lettiere started her educational career in gifted and talented education and aimed to create a school that would set such high expectations for all students in a supportive environment. Her strongest belief is that middle school is a time of exploration, discovery, and creativity that enables young people to become who they are meant to be. Fort Greene Preparatory Academy is designed to answer this challenge by offering a range of experiences for children in the Arts, STEM, Languages, and Humanities that includes Regents level course work.

An educator for 20 years, Paula Lettiere began her career as a teacher of English/Language Arts at Philippa Schuyler Middle School. She was a founding teacher of the School for Human Rights, instructional coach, and later became Assistant Principal. She received her administrative certification through the New Leaders for New Schools program in 2008. Prior to opening Fort Greene Preparatory Academy, she was on the founding team of Mott Hall Science and Technology in the Bronx as an administrator and instructional coach. She has acted an a mentor to aspiring leaders as part of the New Leaders for New Schools program and LEAP and is currently a guest lecturer for the education department of Pratt Institute.

Principal Lettiere loves her students and knows that they are the future leaders of Brooklyn, our country, and the world. It is her goal to continue to create a space for children that is ever expanding its diversity and inclusivity and meeting the needs of this dynamic community.

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