When the Cat is Away...

The mice will play ! Bien sur.

What an enchantement it was to talk with Nadia Stieglitz, founder of Mice at Play. Our conversation was bubbling with ideas and giggles. Like her, it wasfun, relaxed and wickedly titillating. The French-born piquantebrunette is my kind of girl. She wants women to rediscover the lost Artof Playing,"live in the moment, on the edge, and with gusto".

Do you remember the last time you had goose bumps, felt your heartbeat and your pupils dilate ? If you're still thinking or worseyou answer "the gym"... you are in trouble and not in good trouble! Thesweet taste of Adrenaline is not reserved to cats!

For that purpose, Nadia organizes semi-monthly creative, out of the box events that will wake up your senses and crack a smile on yourlovely face. She has already taken mice rock climbing, trapeze flying,acting and coming up are a trip to Paris, catamaran sailing and walkingon fire!

But this week-end's event is tailored to the She is French adventurous and daring woman...

Indeed, Mice at Play is hosting its first Erotic Scavenger Hunt in New York City on Saturday, May 8 from 4-8pm. The hunt is open to 20 women with only a few open spots left.

Nadia and business partner Sara Baysinger will help you discover the luxurious erotic venues that have been popping all over New York.Places catered to women but that you might not dared to venture byyourself... yet!

So join Mice at Play's tasteful, fun and adventurous game that will lead you on a gentle exploration through erotic New York. Attention,there will be clues to discover sensual places, challenges to solve& dares to perform. The groups will finish their hunt in Sohosipping cocktails and unveiling their treasures—fresh ideas for theirsexual bag of tricks.

I wonder who'll be chasing who when the mice go home... Cats beware! Meow!

by G. Sarcone

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