The Man's Guide to Love

There's nothing better that a man that makes you laugh!
Multiply that by 60 and you can just imagine what a day I had thanks to new website : The Man's Guide to Love.

The website features each day a short video of men from all over the country who were asked:
“If you had one piece of advice that you’d give another man about love, what would it be?

The answers are are hilarious as they are frightening.

Allow Edward, 29, to share with you how he sells all the Ladies the dream by telling them what they want to hear. When asked if they are norepercussions to his method, he genuinely answers that by the time thegirl finds out about the real him, he already out with another one.


William, 42, that suggests to men to forget that little bone in the back of their neck so they can bop his head up and down indicating thathe is in agreement with a Yes Dear. He says that sometimes he evenagrees before his wife even says something, just so he can get to seethe light of another day.


Jay, 65, who's advice is to stay the course as long as possible because the longer you stay the better it becomes to the point where athis age he is living in ectasy... I am still LOL thinking of his wife'sattitude as she is sitting next to him and clearly wondering who thehell he's talking about!

Thank you Ed, Bill and Jay for such a lovely afternoon. I mean if you pair this website with a copy of Undateable, there is chance of women giving up on the idea of any partnership with a man for... ever.

Hopefully, She is French will continue to devote time and dedication to exploring the Art of Seduction and show you that not all men areequal!

A few of our favorites:
Francesco Alberoni's Falling in Love Center,
The Way to the Superior Man by David Deida
Pablo Neruda's poems,
Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy,

and much more!

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