With languages becoming more global, it is our duty as parents to give the next generation of children the maximum opportunities for learning. Paris being the most beautiful city in the world and French restaurants as popular as ever, the French language must return to number one.

Fabrice Jaumont is involved in the French- English dual language program starting in Kindergarten classes, in alliance with the French consulate and the New York public School system. Now, Christina Houri, Founder and President of http://www.lepetitparadispreschool.com is proposing the implementation of French classes to the private schools sector starting in Kindergarten.


Miss Houri, saw that there is a demand with American families wanting to enroll their children at Le Petit Paradis Preschool. Unfortunately, these children do not have a way of continuing the French language in Kindergarten. Most private schools, start teaching languages in Elementary School, with some exceptions like Sacred Heart, offering French in Kindergarten.

Sylvia Guensch a high school French teacher in NJ is also fighting the battle for French in her school. “Students are actually being recommended by their counselors to take Spanish or Chinese as incoming Freshmen” she wrote in a discussion on this topic.

Miss Houri also witnessed that a couple of the American children who enrolled at Le Petit Paradis, became fluent in two years time. She was overjoyed and proud to offer them such a learning opportunity, and that’s why she became motivated to approach the American private schools to open the doors for children with no background in French.

Parents from different nationalities opt for a bilingual education, Madonna for one, signed up her two youngest children at Le Petit Paradis Preschool which has a bilingual program for children ages 2.9 to 5 years old.

Here is what Sarah Canavan Clark, who was one of the parents at Le Petit Paradis Preschool, had to say about her experience as an American:

“There were definite benefits that I saw for my daughter Tilly to attend Le Petit Paradis Preschool. Her exposure to a new language at such a young age is a major one. We're told many times their brains are like sponges and I don’t think we can give children too much information. Learning a second language now will make things so much easier in the future, where she can focus then, on learning something new.

I loved my daughter being around so many different families from around the world. My husband and I realize that our core values were all the same, but I think it was so great for her (and me) to be exposed to different cultures, different foods (during the picnic!) and families who spoke multiple languages.

I also loved my daughter being around children that looked different than her. It was so nice and diverse and no one looked the same, where I think some children at other schools all look very similar.”

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  • You must remember, most of these counselors are monolingual idiots who failed at becoming "true psychologists" so they had to resort to becoming school counselors. Don't worry about this "Mandarin/Spanish" boom. There are more chinese now taking english classes than the whole population of the United States. English is the money language, being that the French language helped create English proves that learning French will improve your English, Hence making one more sophisticated and getting a better job due to language skills;{ Expecially now with Ebonics on the rise.} There are close to 10,000 French words used in English since the Middle Ages with about 75% of them still used in everyday conversation.
  • Teaching French to debutants in middle school, I find my job is as much about marketing "la Belle Langue" as it is instruction. I notice the push for Spanish and other languages even in our state's annual World Language conference. French seems to be in the 3rd seat, not even the backseat! So, we know the importance of this beautiful language, especially for future opportunities of our students connecting with Canada and African Francophone countries. Also, we know that French is the BEST language to learn more English. The annual school contest has been a great tool for getting kids involved in French. Does anyone know of fun websites for students to connect to French? Gotta keep in fun and engaging. Merci.
  • Hi Maribeth;

    I wasn't aware of the Latino Lobby. I will certainly do some research and add your comment on another blog.
    I appreciate your input and passion for this subject!
  • French teachers everywhere are fighting this battle. Guidance Counselors do promote other languages over French. Students do not see the language as being masculine. Teachers of other languages, notably Spanish, tell students exploring languages that 'the only language to take in the US is Spanish.' And let's not forget the Latino lobby.
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