The best steps to find the best hobby

Where to go on the weekend? Things to do in his free time? Cinema, bars and clubs have long tired ... stay at home do not want to ... and just walk around the streets and parks - laziness ... It's time to seek interesting hobbies, such that when one thought of it your eyes light up, and the mercury in the thermometer mood rapidly creeping up!

Now, especially in big cities, find your favorite activity easily. Hundreds of circles, clubs, workshops, school sections and hospitably opens doors! Sometimes it is even for free. Alternatively, for a very reasonable price for the average salary: 200-500 rubles. So how do you still find yourself a hobby like in 3 months?

The first day of "Google"

1. Highlight of 2 hours, pour a cup of hot coffee, prepare a notebook, sit down at your computer and go online.

2. Draw or download a spreadsheet with the following columns: extreme, hand-made, sports, dance, creativity, intellectual pursuits. You can add your group, and can do something right to strike, that does not suit you.

3. Open the Google and start typing the different needs in turn:

- "Open lesson of salsa"

- "Parachuting school"

- "Teaching art"

- "Master class on felting wool"

- "Diver courses for beginners"

- "Self-defense classes"

- "Lessons of Photography"

- "Finnish language courses"

- "Where the table tennis"

…and so on. Add your own options, everything that comes into your head!

4. Look for the 3-4 references for each request. Choose the favorite addresses and phone numbers, and write them in your table "How to find a hobby."

The colorful my book "30 ways to make life brighter." There I describe my personal experience, the thrill of different hobbies + technical issues. Perhaps you are interested in any ideas!

5. Carefully read the reviews, see the pictures, calculate the total cost of employment and consider whether it is convenient to visit them according to the specified schedule. If you have something does not suit - cross out.

First week: writes

1. Telephoned 5-10 companies and sign up for the trial sessions. Typically, these open classes are free and fairly regularly. So, you have nothing to lose.

2. Make a detailed plan for the next month. The most optimal - 1-2 attend classes every week. Distribute your time to keep up with all. It will be interesting! However, your main goal - to find a hobby for everyone.

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