Preschoolers and Spring Joy

By LaToya Dawkins


Joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. Joy is a feeling that comes deep from within ourselves. It is deeper than happiness because it is not as temporary and not as easily lost. Most of the time when we feel we are experiencing joy, we are actually experiencing happiness. Joy will change our appearance and change our very state of being because it is not easily lost by outside influences. I always wondered why preschoolers enjoy the box more than the gift inside. It is because their contentment goes beyond materialistic things.


Preschoolers amaze me with the joy that they exhibit. The other day, I had a young child over at my house for a birthday party. He was elated to know that at the end of the evening he would be able to take a balloon home. At first, his persistence about receiving the balloon was a bit overwhelming with a room filled with people. However, later that evening, I began to think about the joy he showed when he received the balloon. At that moment, nothing in the world seemed as important. His heart and his mind were in tuned to one thing and once he received that one thing his heart and mind became filled with joy.


As mentioned in the previous blog, spring brings things back to life. In the very moment that spring arrives nothing can keep the trees from becoming green and the flowers from blooming. Joy can take a heart that was once dull and bare and restore it. Preschoolers make me think of spring joy because they live in the moment. Their joy is found in the little things in life. Things that we often dismiss or disregard. Do we ever stop to smell the roses, literally? Do the birds chirping outside our window in the morning bring a smile to our face? Do we allow the small things to elate us with joy?


In relation to joy there are a few things we can learn from our preschoolers. When they are joyful about something it is because they experience joy before they receive what their heart desires. They visualize the joy they will experience. Oftentimes, they are deeply disappointed and will even show anger when they cannot receive what their hearts are yearning for. Life has taught us adults to not set our hopes so high and to protect ourselves from disappointment. Preschoolers are not afraid to experience pure emotion. During this season of spring let’s take a moment to experience life and the little joys it bring; the joy our preschoolers can bring into our lives.


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