Eric Zemour, slight, dark, a live wire, fell over his own words, they were tumbling out so fast. He was fidgeting at the back of a half-empty
cafe one recent evening near the offices of Le Figaro, the newspaper
where he works, notwithstanding that detractors have lately tried to get
him fired for his most recent inflammatory remarks about French blacks
and Arabs on a television show. Mr. Zemmour, roughly speaking, is the Bill O’Reilly of French
letters. He was describing his latest book, “French Melancholy,” which
has shot up the best-seller list here. Continue

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  • personally i can not stand eric zemour i see him on tv5 monde on "on nést pas coche "he is such a rude person with a huge ego
  • bonjour à "tous et toutes " à NEW YORK je vous aime pour LA VIE ELIANE FALLEK ARTISTE PEINTRE ENGAGEE my cellular portable is 0610114955 "merci" et peut ètre "à très bientot je l'espère" votre E.F."for the whole and éternal life".
  • Unfortunately there are too many French teachers who ignore any and all Francophone literature [maybe except French Canadian authors] Fewer and fewer students in Secondary schools, as well as in colleges, study French because they do not believe it is 'useful'.This has been true of the last three decades, as well as in the twenty first century. Maybe the NYTimes article will spark a useful conversation among these people who affect this generation of American students.
  • Fascinating and extremely revelant subject in today's world of globalization. Immigrants and children of immigrants constantly negotiate between their cultural heritage and the culture that surrounds them. I'd love to read more!
  • je ne comprends pas mon anglais est mauvais pouvez vous me parler en français? merci ELIANE FALLEK
  • Awesome. I'm going to use this in my class. Ning doesn't have a "like" button?
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