Register now to one of the twenty-five dual‐language classes in New York! Next Fall, several New York public schools will open their doors to more and more French-English dual-language classes. The schools are PS125 (Harlem), PS58 (Caroll Gardens ‐ Brooklyn), PS73 (Bronx), CIS22 (Bronx), PS84 (Upper West Side), and PS151 in Woodside (Queens). PS84 (Williamsburgh), and other schools like the New York French-American Charter School are in the works and might join this ever-growing family by September 2010. Altogether, these schools will open a total of 25 classes, serving more than 600 students, mostly at primary school level, with the exception of Middle School 22. In just three years these programs will have increased enrollment exponentially from 75 kids in 2007! This success is due to the joint efforts of several determined school principals, hundreds of motivated parents, top-rated teachers, and various institutional partners like the French Embassy or Education Francaise a New York who bring support through books and expertise. These immersion classes in French and English are geared toward Francophones, Anglophones and bilingual students, as well as students who speak little or no English. Each individual school assures its own individual enrollment. Several information sessions have been scheduled for the following weeks. Registration has started. January 26 at PS58 February 1 at PS151 Other sessions will be announced on the schools' websites or here on NewYorkinFrench Check out the schools' websites PS84 PS73 PS125 Attached is a report that I wrote explaining this quiet Revolution. French Programs in Public Schools.pdf


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  • Chapeau! - for your initiatives and efforts to introduce French-English programs into the NY public primary school
    curriculum. I began my study of French in the third grade at a private school in Washington Heights and the experience was an enriching one indeed. As a former French teacher, I believe that American students not only develop a better command of French when they study it at an early age, but also they gain a more sophisticated English vocabulary and a better understanding of the structure.of the English language.
  • that's great! I'd like me and my French students to be part of it next year when we come on the occasion of our 2nd event promoting Northern France.
  • Bravo à tous.... ...c'est un très beau résultat. Que du bonheur. Tous mes encouragements et mes voeux de succès ... Bravo pour le travail, la ténacité la détermination dont vous faites tous preuve pour le plus grand bien de tous les enfants. C'est à la fois très enthousiasmant et très émouvant de contempler cela de France....juste un peu le regret de ne pas être avec vous tous dans ce beau projet ( sourires!)
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