Kareen Mallet is a fine and delicate young woman very dedicate to her work who therefore is always busy. She is the senior fashion director women's ready-to-wear for the Neiman Marcus group fashion services which includes Bergdorf and Neiman online. She is living in NYC since 1995.Check A new York life

What makes your job so special to you ? My job is to be the fashion conscience for the Neiman Marcus Group. I cover all the ready-to-wear and I get to see the fashion industry with a global view, from the struggling young designer to the established ones. I work with an enormous pool of talented people in the greatest city in the world.What does NYC bring to you ? The streets in NYC are the best runways. I get a tremendous amount of inspiration from just walking around. There is a level of energy and constant newness that you can not find anywhere else.What does NYC take out from you ? I guess it takes the French out of me a little. Because of that constant energy, I am always on the go and forget "l'art de paresser". If anything, the city gives more than it takes.What are your projects ? I just got back from 2 weeks vacation in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, so right now I have to get my head back into work. I am working on Spring 2010, always scouting for new talents and appropriate trends to keep the Neiman Marcus Group as the dominant fashion retailer.Kareen's favorite restaurants. 
I like little inexpensive hidden places: Burger Joint, La Esquina, Freemans. Bagatelle is fun for dinner for a Euro ambiance. I like the restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman on the 7th floor for a nice quiet lunch where is, I think, the best NYC view on Central Park and the Plaza. Mariebelle in Soho has the best hot chocolate (served European style) in a whimsical environment. 
I enjoy Le Pain Quotidien on 40th Street, right around my office it is my little retreat during the day for a cappucino and a brioche with the company of a designer or a friend.Kareen's secret place is a tiny little shop Macaroons on 36th street and 7th ave, where they served the best macaroons, crepes and delicious French sandwiches.
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  • I am the person handling sales for Laloop (Accessory), Beausoleil Eyewear, and Custo-Barcelona eyewear collection...I would love to get in touch with Ms Mallet...I do sell Laloop to BG, although they are out of stock..all their clientele when I walk in the Oliver Peoples corner, it never fails, ask for Laloops..
    Now as for food in NYC, I love the amazing array of choices in "cuisine" and if their are some Japanese food lovers, then you should try SAKAGURA, i believe 43rd, or across the street, Sushi Yasuda..
    In Brooklyn, Chez Oskar for your traditoonal Croque Monsieur as well as some merguez..and more..
  • My daughter studies Fashion Merchandising at FIT and interns at Versace - it seems like a very interesting career. I was not aware of the store Macoroons - definately will check it out this week.
  • Strange enough, my wife has made me interested in fashion. We've been to several fashion shows and have taken many pictures of the wonderful and creative details. I've become quite curious about so many aspects of this very interesting way of life and, in fact, wish that my wife were able to get more involved with it considering her love for it. The best to Ms Mallet!
  • I totally agree with Ms Mallet Macoroons is the best place in NY and she has been very lucky to go to Porto Vecchio, I know the place I used to go very often to Corsica when I was living in France. Ms Mallet seems to be someone I would like to know.
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