Joseph CilonaJoseph Cilona is the type of guy you want to know in NYC. The city is incredibly appealing for the crazy amount of stuff that goes on. It’s pure life. But NYC is also strenuous and grueling relationshipwise. Not to mention the complete absence of silence. Therefore, shrinks and offshoots are requested : having someone with who you can share your thoughts just for the sake of it, it’s priceless. And it’s exactly what Joseph does and loves doing.Can you introduce yourself? I’m a clinical psychologist and personal coach in private practice in Manhattan. I work primarily with high profile creative artists, entertainers, creative professionals and law professionals. I’m also an author, I do psychology-related consulting, and I provide expert advice and commentary for Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, Boston Globe, MSNBC, Health Magazine, Therapy Times, Cosmopolitan, and others.What makes your job so special to you? People often ask me how I deal with “listening to people’s problems all day.” When you are well matched with a therapist or a coach, there are tremendous rewards on both sides of the relationship. There are so few relationships and situations in which we encounter raw honesty and authenticity. Much of what is beautiful and compelling in life is revealed through those things. I have the unique honor of encountering those things everyday in my work.What does NYC bring to you? NYC really surprised me. I wanted very much to live and work in Paris, but was ultimately unable to due to bureaucratic issues. I settled on moving to NYC begrudgingly. Within a year’s time of living here it went from one of my least favorite to most favorite cities in the world. NYC was definitely and “acquired taste” for me, but now one I could never live without. There is something new and interesting and adventures of all sorts to be found every day here.What does NYC take out from you? A lot of taxes!What are you working on? I’m currently researching my second book, a sequel to The Path: Life Explained in 100 Pages (a retelling of Kahlil Gibran’s 1923 classic The Prophet).RB

Joseph’s websiteHis favoritesCheap store: As a former Bostonian, I’m still partial to Filene’s basement for the occasional fantastic deal. I also like the Century 21 store out on Long Island. I think the good finds and sizes sometimes last longer out there.Expensive store: Mantiques Modern. You’ll find something new and amazing every time you visit.Restaurants: I LOVE the Octopus takoyaki at Otafuku in the East Village. It’s not even really a restaurant, just a tiny counter that sells authentic Japanese street food. I also love the curry chicken noodle soup at Nooch in Chelsea, the chocolate almond croissant at la Bergamote (you’ll feel like you’re in Paris), and the sushi at Kiku Sushi (it’s not for you if you’re looking for glam or hip, but the sushi is outstanding and very reasonably priced).Secret place: I don’t know how secret it is, but I love the Russian Turkish Baths in the East Village for an afternoon of sweating and a good cheap massage. Go from the hottest (Russian) sauna into the freezing cold dipping pool for an intense natural high.
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