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From the original description of this "Ning" (as Fabrice is so fond of calling it), I understood that this was a place where Francophones and Francophiles based in New York or interested in New York could gather online.Today, the two biggest headlines that concern New Yorkers are Bloomberg's election to a third term and the Yankees chance at the World Championship.Why is there apparently no discussion of either subject here?A mon avis, si vous avez crié dans le passé «allez les bleus!» vous devez dire aujourd'hui: «allez les Yankees!»:)Attention to the person with the deleted comment: Your question should be posted in the group devoted to studying French,
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  • I'm a Long Islander. I'm glad the Yankees won.
  • je suis d'accord avec toi
  • Bravo!
  • D'accord avec Robert. Bravo les Yankees et bravo Bloomberg pour avoir réussi un "hat trick".
  • Thank you for your kind words, Valerie!

    There are many posts here concerning the relatively new French-English public schools. This concept came about because Mayor Bloomberg took over the administration of the city's schools. Under the former Board of Education, I doubt we would have seen this happen. So if anyone likes what Bloomberg did, he or she should comment.

    And if you don't like Bloomberg, he's been re-elected for another four year term and it will be his Education Chancellor who decides what happens with these schools so you still should comment.

    You are right. If you live in New York and consider yourself a New Yorker (which, for example, would be the reason our public schools are free for your kids), you should be interested in what goes on in New York, especially if one of the teams is in the Series, I think people should appreciate great athletes whose names might be Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada even if there's not a Frenchmen among them. (The jury's out on Andy Pettitte. :))

    I'm glad to hear that you were busy watching the Bombers play the incredible game 6. I thought the reason there were no posts here about the Yankees was because no one knew how to say "designated hitter" en français. :)

    Yankees feted with ticker-tape event in Canyon of Heroes
  • Bonjour Robert, Je suis 100% d'accord avec vous. Apres tout nous francais ou francophones, sommes aussi new yorkais. Nous vivons ici meme dans cette ville depuis peu ou tres longtemps et pas ailleurs. New York City est notre ville et nous sommes concernes et exposes qu'on le veuille ou pas, d'une facon ou d'une autre: sociale, economique, politique, art et culture, et meme le sport. Peut-etre que nos membres etaient tous occupes comme je l'etais hier avec un groupe d'amis americains et francophones a suivre le jeu des Yankees jusqu'a tres tard le soir, et sommes donc tres fatigues pour nous maitre a notre laptop et en parler. Mais bravo les Yankees. Vraiment bien joue.
  • One more time.

    Details on Friday’s Yankee Parade and Ceremony
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