How to Write a Cover Letter in French?

Your cover letter should be clear and unique so that you are sure to answer your future employer's expectations?

Give clear, simple but precise information about you
Write in clear-cut paragraphs with arguments: each paragraph shoud add new information

1. say what you are doing at the moment
2. give the reason why you apply for the job
3. talk about your experience with examples
4. describe your skills and your qualities for the job
5. show that you know the company where you would like to work
6. add your curriculum vitae

14 rue Aristide Briand, 78005 Paris
Tel : 02 98 82 75 85[h1] 
Objet[h2]  : poste de rédactrice bilingue à partir du 3 avril 2010
Cécile Binat
P.S. [h10] : ci-joint mon curriculum vitae

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 [h1]First and last name
Telephone number
 [h2]The reason why of your letter
 [h3]Dear Sir or Madam
 [h4]You work as a head writer for a local paper until 31 March and you would like to be part of an international company to use your language skills
 [h5]You are seeking a company that has a partnership with a legal translation services agency since you have a lot of experience in this field.
 [h6]Your past experience: you worked as an English-French translator in a lawyers’ agency in Paris region, in an insurance company in Lilles, and then in India in medical practice where the clients were mostly English-speaking expatriates.
 [h7]As an experienced writer and translator, you are able to take initiatives and work in teams. You are also fond of being responsible for international projects. You are ready to work outside.
 [h8]You would like to meet them to show how motivated and enthusiastic you are.
 [h9]Yours faithfully
 [h10]P.S. for post-scriptum
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  • When writing a cover letter for a specific job, remember to

    • analyze the requirements of the job before writing the letter
    • identify these requirements in the letter and how you meet these requirements
    • tell them why you want to work for this company
    • mention your personal attributes that would be important in the job
    • ask to meet with them to learn more about the job

    Good luck!


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    Global Human Resource Solutions LLC


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  • Thanks for tips!  I think though, the phrase would be " how to write a motivational letter ", or Americanscall  it a cover letter.  Great advice!
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