Fabrice Jaumont had such a fantastic idea in creating this site.It enhances the French culture and social contact in NY.In fact, I was very enthusiastic joining this internet social club but nowit makes me want more.How about we meet in person?!May be a gathering, like a Francophone event.It would be a great opportunity to meet a lot of different people, exchange ideas, and have a lot of fun...Have a wonderful day....Marc
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  • oupsss good point !
  • Rather than dance around the subject, let me point out that bringing alcohol into New York City parks is illegal and is enforced by summonses and even arrest.

    That said, there are a lot of fun places to gather. If a picnic is going to be the event, how about in a location that overlooks the Statue of Liberty, e.g. Battery Park, Red Hook, Governor's Island, etc.
  • :) it's not an option either!
  • You bet !
  • Is Haitian Rum allowed?
  • You bet man.Summer best time of the year in NY.Food.We all meet...What else do we need...Lets do it!
  • I like the idea of a big Francophone/Francophile picnic in the park. Thanks MRK and Audrey
  • Hey, fantastic
    I like your positive dynamic response!
    Thank you Audrey
    "The French picnic" thats it, awesome idea
    in the park?
  • Dear MRK,

    Thanks for being so enthusiastic!
    I totally agree with you and think we should materialize our will to interact on the Ning as a "'community"' and organize a social event.
    Any suggestions will be welcomed, because, MEMBERS, this will be YOUR party.

    Here are some ideas that might appeal to you :

    - A thematic party that would feature francophone artists operating in NY at that particular moment, a way to discuss on "'What is bringing a hint of french style in the US"'?

    - A little concert (with French and Francophone dudes of course) ...

    - A '"French"' pic-nic (French red wine wouldn't be an option :) )


    I'm looking forward to hearing from you ALLL ;) more or less... ;)

    A vos stylos!
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