Happy Birthday New York in French

Dear members,


Joyeux Anniversaire

New York in French is celebrating its second birthday. With almost 6,000 members in two years this community platform is growing bigger and more powerful each day. It's also proven that it's a very useful tool for many people. I am glad that what started as a vague idea in the back of my head two years ago has materialized into a vibrant platform. I am glad also that other cities in the U.S. have started their own platform. You'll find some great examples by moving your cursor on the "Home" tab.

Thank you to the many members who have helped me keep it as "a free, apolitical, non-commercial, community-oriented blog open to anyone interested in French in New York City and its extended surroundings". New York in French no longer belongs to me. It belongs to all of us.


I have given some thought about the future of this platform and I would like to share a new idea with you. I would like to pass on New York in French to a passionate individual or group of individuals who will be able to take it to the next level. I am not selling it. I am giving it for free. I believe that other ideas can emerge from this transmission. And I believe that we can all benefit from these new ideas.


If you are interested feel free to email me your proposal describing your plan for New York in French' s future or post it publicly on New York in French so that other members can read.



Fabrice Jaumont





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  • Bonjour Fabrice,

    Je suis installee a New-York depuis 2 mois et New-York in French a ete immediatement un outil precieux pour me relier a la communaute francophone. Journaliste experimentee dans le domaine social, culturel  et associatif, je suis disponible pour le moment et je serai heureuse de contribuer de quelque maniere que ce soit a l'animation de cette plate-forme et de me joindre a une nouvelle equipe. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer et encore bravo et merci! 

  • Bon anniversaire à New York in French! quelle belle réussite!
  • Joyeux Anniversaire. 

  • Salut Fabrice!

    Tu as une nouvelle fois fait preuve d'une grande implication dans ce projet, je te reconnais bien là et t'en félicite! J'imagine que tu en as encore bien d'autres et je te souhaite une belle réussite tant professionnelle que personnelle.


    Maria Helena LE MORVAN

  • Joyeux Anniversaire à nous tous!

    Fabrice, I can't thank you enough for creating this amazing site! I respect your decision but still can't help not to feel sad about it. I am sure many members feel the same and will miss you.

    Kind regards and good luck in your future endeavors.

    Serge Hamad


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