Flirting with French hits the bookstores

flirtingSmall.jpgFinally, a book about the experience of trying to learn French as an adult!  

Hope it's good  (because I wrote it).

Flirting with French hit the bookstores yesterday, 4 years after I tackled my lifelong goal of learning French. In addition to telling my story, I explore such topics as why it's so difficult for adults to learn a language; what's holding up the general availability of Captain Kirk's universal translator, and the puzzles of gender and when to use vous and tu.

I'll be discussing the book at FIAF on October 30

Excerpts from some early reviews:

"A charming memoir by a passionate Francophile" - Kirkus Reviews

"Highly readable...His quixotic resolve to transcend his inherent competence recalls the participatory journalism of George Plimpton, the lanky patrician whose unlikely stints in football and boxing lent nobility to failure.  - The Wall Street Journal

"A great book, and not just for Francophiles, but for anyone learning a new language." - The Novel World.

Flirting with French is available at your local bookstore, or click on this link to order from your favorite online retailer.

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