3438635371?profile=original BOOKS TODAY is a 93 minute discussion conducted by Laurence Fayard on www.bookbindingnow.com for Susan Mills online Broadcast. Recorded live on May 22nd, 2011 in New York and posted June 22nd, 2011


The transformation of mass-produced books into digital files is redefining the learning process as well as the value of the handmade book. The digital era has unleashed the boundaries of the art of making a unique book. A book made by professional bookbinders, visual artists, or amateurs is a magical experience for the senses.


The panel was made up of the following participants:

Alexander Campos, Curator and Director of the Center for Book Arts New York, focuses on the mission of the Center and his expertise about the changes in the book market. Gavin Dovey, owner of Paper Dragon Books Inc. based in Brooklyn, tells us about the multiple skills required to be a fine bookbinding entrepreneur competing for excellence. Rocío Cerón, acclaimed Mexican poet and editor/publisher of El Billar de Lucrecia, links different artistic disciplines to illustrate her poetry and talks about the book scene in Latin America. Natalia Porter Bolland, designer and visual artist living in New York, presents her modified books and addresses the response from the public towards a library she made for an exhibition. Lisa Mackie, New York based master printer, explains her interest for books and how she sees them as an extension of her prints.

The event was supported by:

Remy Amezcua, visual artist, for producing the “Books Today” broadcast project. Nathaniel Trienens, owner of Fuzz Productions Company, for lending his office space for the recording. Geoffray Barbier, owner of Cold Cuts Production, for providing the recording equipment. Alexander Joseph, creative director at Creativity Media, for his consulting tips in the sound design department. Christian Yong, designer and editor-in-chief of Latin Lover Food and Travel magazine for recording the event on video.



Recorded live July 6th, 2011 in NYC

Released August 3rd, 2011 in NYC


Mr. Neale M. Albert was the President of the Miniature Book Society for four years.  He is also an active member of the Grolier Club in New York City.  Neale generously shared his life long experience of collecting artwork and books of a very specific format.


Neale M. Albert is a retired lawyer with an extensive experience in art law.  He has counseled numerous artists and photographers and publishers on a  broad range of art-related matters. He has also advised publishers of art books, art galleries and a magazine devoted to art and fashion photography.  In addition, he has represented a leading financial institution in connection with loans secured by works of art.


Neale M. Albert has always collected objects over the years. He has a collection of more than three thousand miniature books. He has a very interesting story about what led him to commission designer bindings of miniature books. Discover how bookbinders work in different countries, what Neale likes about having books bound for him and learn something about what being a collector is all about.


The Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings is on permanent exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York City.


Enjoy listening!


The broadcast has been made possible by: 

Remy Amezcua, http://www.1500gallery.com/, visual artist, for helping me produce the “Books Today” broadcast project.

Geoffray Barbier, http://www.coldcutsproductions.com, owner of Cold Cuts Production, for providing the recording equipment.

Alexander Joseph, http://www.creativitymedia.co.uk/, creative director at Creativity Media, for his consulting tips in the sound design department.

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