BETWEEN TWO WORLDS Starring Juliette Binoche Opens August 11
Cohen Media Group is pleased to announce the US release of BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, filmmaker and novelist Emmanuel Carrère’s adaptation of investigative journalist Florence Aubenas’ best-selling nonfiction book The Night Cleaner. In this longtime passion project for Juliette Binoche, the Academy Award® winner plays a reporter going undercover to investigate the exploitation of France’s workers without job security at the height of the economic crisis. 
BETWEEN TWO WORLDS will open on Friday, August 11 in New York (Quad Cinema) and Los Angeles (Laemmle’s Royal) followed by a national expansion.
Renowned reporter Marianne Winckler (Juliette Binoche) goes undercover, immersing herself in the crowd of job seekers without special qualifications, eventually landing a job as a night cleaner on a ferry that crosses the English Channel. As she learns more about the plight of these workers living on the margins, Marianne grows closer to her new female comrades, particularly single mother of three Christèle (non-professional actress Hélène Lambert, nominated for a César), while simultaneously beginning to harbor ethical concerns that she will be complicit in their exploitation when she returns to Paris and writes a book about her experiences. 
One of France’s most acclaimed international reporters for leading publications Le Monde, Libération and Le Nouvel Observateur, Florence Aubenas agreed to have The Night Cleaner adapted for the screen only if Emmanuel Carrère directed it. One of France’s foremost authors, described by The New Yorker as "France's best-known writer of literary nonfiction, he is best known for his award-winning "nonfiction novels" including The Adversary, (adapted for the screen by Nicole Garcia), Lives Other than My OwnMy Life as a Russian Novel, The Kingdom, Yoga, as well as fictionalized biographies of Philip K. Dick (I Am Alive and You Are Dead), Russian avant-gardiste turned ultra-right-wing politician (Limonov), and many essays on politics, culture, and crime, Carrère has been profiled in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine and The Nation, among others. Starting out as a film critic, Carrère’s first book was a monograph on Werner Herzog. He has served on the competition juries of the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS marks his return to directing for the first time since the 2005 screen adaptation of his book La Moustache.
Juliette Binoche is the subject of a retrospective to be held at the Quad Cinema from August 4th to 10th leading up to the release of BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. Films selected from the 
Academy Award®, César, 
Berlin, Cannes, and Venice 
Best Actress Award winner’s distinguished f
The Unbeareable Lightness of Being, Caché, Certified Copy, Clouds of Sils Maria and Three Colors: Blue.
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