A wonderful new friendship

I met Olivier Allemand through his "I love Provence" group as soon as I joined New York in French. I couldn't resist that group because I spent 6 months in Provence in 2008. Olivier's posts about Provence took me right back there! Olivier put his son's English teacher in touch with me and we became penpals, but better yet, our students are now penpals and correspond regularly. Last month, in March, while in France with my 8th grade students, we visited our new penpals' school. We spent two hours with them. They even recited the Pledge of Allegiance for us! Olivier and his wife came to Arles to meet me. We spent time together at the outdoor market and then they took me and my co-chaperone out for a lovely lunch. And all because of New York in French! I have a wonderful new friend and look forward to the possibility of beginning an exchange program with my new friends in Provence! Merci beaucoup, New York in French! Here's a toast to new friends and to those yet to be discovered!
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  • Un autre Olivier! Quelle bonne surprise! Bienvenue à New York in French!
  • That is wonderful - I love that type of stories, the power of Networking and of the Human Encounter. Simply beautiful. Being born in Provence, the pictures of Olivier warm up my soul while making me nostalgic at the same time. My Provence, i will come visit You soon again :)
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