Skana, Goddesses and More." is a new live performance that will take place at Galapagos arts space in NYC on Sept 27, 2011 . The event gathers original female performers with  an engaging presence to weave together a web of music ,dance and theatrality .that is .wavering , ethereal ,poetic. The evening is divided in 2 parts :

"Goddess chronicles" is a show written and performed by composer Milica Paranosic that features Milica's intimate views and interpretations of Goddesses from Roman, Slavic, Ewe, Hindu, Brazilian and Egyptian mythologies, in collaboration with Visual Artist Carmen Kordas  

Muriel Louveau's performance "Skana and more"  is an extended and theatrical show with live vocals music and dance. Muriel will perform songs of the album Skana produced  with american composer Charles B Kim and other selected pieces, all in foreign languages inspired by far off lands, and coming  from liturgical as well as poetic sources. 

For this new  version, the choreographer dancer Emily Pope Blackman joins Muriel  to  create dance works in response to her singing.

Special thanks  to our collaborators  Dale Knoth, conception &lightings design, and Shyamal Maitra, sound design & live effects


  • It all started when French singer, Muriel Louveau , and American composer Charles B Kim produced  and wrote "Skana " a cd entirely recorded in cyber space .Despite the music having groundings in the past, the production of this album was a very 21st century endeavor.  Thanks to modern technology, the end result is the same as if Louveau and Kim had worked in the same studio in the same city. So the concept of staging Skana as a theatrical journey , with  compatible, innovative artists who follow the same cyber creative process , came as a natural consequence. And this is what has been  happening: Muriel, Milica as well as the dancer Emily are using Skype to draft ideas and transfer video files  to conceive  the synopsis of the performance.

Now we have this unique opportunity  to make  our project evolve from the virtual to the physical world and to get it " tangible"  to create an extended format called Skana, Goddesses and More .Through the sparse use of new technologies, scenography and creative lightings in response to the live elements, we will explore new contemporary territories and together write and perform a new score and story, across many medium


We need  your financial support  to cover the production costs, for rehearsals ,studio sessions,equipment rental for sound & video recording,  and payments to the composers ,performers,  sound and lighting designers, for the research , work and  preparation time of the project  .We'd also need to cover post production expenses for video editing and DVD making of the live performance.Our Kickstarter campaign is vital to launch this new performance and meet the audience.

This project is a" work in progress " the first step  towards a  future multi media performance we'd like to develop that contributes to awareness of "re-interpretation" from ancient languages rooted in time, while projecting future artistic language that everyone will feel,   We need a successful  exposure at Galapagos to make the work  progress , present it in other US venues and possibly in  european countries.

We are looking forward to it and we want you to get involved and make you dream !

We'd also appreciate if you spread the word, post the information about our project on your blogs, Twitter , FB pages, We hope to hear from you soon !


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