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  • Merci Fabrice Jaumont de me donner la parole: Les francais sont connus pour etre tres individualistes et arrogants. Recemment j'ai rencontre dans divers restaurants de Manhattan, des francais de tous les "boros" of New York que j'ai essaye d'inviter a nous joindre dans notre site de New York in French, mais qui ont refuse car, dans leur esprit et dans la moindre cellule de leur corps et organisme, ils ont deserte a jamais et pour toujours, la France et tout ce qui est francais et francophone. Je ne pouvais les plaindre puisque il ya tres longtemps j'avais ressenti la meme chose et avais decide d'habiter en Suede, Mexique, l'indonesie, partout ailleurs, et les Etats-Unis, Alors pour les convaincre qu'une petite bretonne tres tetue comme moi puisse joindre notre site, c'est qu'il ya un Fabrice Jaumont qui m'a prouve le contraire.
  • :)
  • BOO!!!
  • Bonjour Fabrice,

    Je suis impressionnee par la qualite et la diversite du travail que vous etes en train de realiser. Toutes mes felicitations...C'est du boulot, et du bon!

    Carmelle St.Gerard-Lopez
  • Quel parcour interessant. Comme tu dis (j'ai compris que les ningueurs - pourquoi pas les ningateurs? - se tutoient) t'as fait ton propre odyssee.

    As-tu la moindre idee ou tout cela va t'ammener?
  • Cher Monsieur Jaumont,
    Je suis professeur de francais au "high school" de New Canaan depuis 38 ans. J'ai aussi enseigne dans un programme FLES en 1969-1970 a Orange, dans le Connecticut et deux ans au "high school" de North Haven, pres de New Haven, dans le Ct. Donc, j'enseigne depuis 41 ans la belle langue francais et je souhaite assister a la reception le 23 septembre. Merci infiniment, Louise Despres (voir mon formulaire pour la reception,svp)
  • Bonjour Fabrice
    Please share or tell me whom to contact, svp.
    Paris in NY Literary Festival Oct 10

    Contact: Terrance Gelenter in Paris 06-7098-1368

    If you can’t make it to Paris this year we’ll bring the excitement of Paris to you. Terrance Gelenter of Paris Through Expatriate Eyes invites you to join him for a day of celebration of the city that has inspired authors and produced an unrelenting canon of literature about the City of Light.

    Joining him to discuss their work:

    Judith Jones, Julia Child’s longtime editor and author will discuss her books THE PLEASURES OF COOKING FOR ONE, THE 10TH MUSE and the Julia Child phenomenon.

    A.E. HOTCHNER will discuss PAPA HEMINGWAY and THE GOOD LIFE ACCORDING TO HEMINGWAY and we’ll discuss A MOVEABLE FEAST and the controversial new adulterated version and its implications.

    MARK OVENDEN/ PARIS UNDERGROUND (Metro) Mark Ovenden turns his attention to the famous Paris transit system with its inimitable Art Nouveau inspired stations and Art Deco signage. More than one thousand maps, diagrams, and photographs—historical and current—along with fascinating factual tidbits and enthusiastic, informed commentary embellish this gorgeous cultural history of the Métro's design and construction. Transit buffs, Francophiles, and anyone who appreciates beautiful design are sure to make Paris Underground a must-have volume.

    INA CARO/ THE ROAD FROM THE PAST: TRAVELLING THROUGH HISTORY IN FRANCE. When it was published in 1994, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., called it "the essential travelling companion ... for all who love France and its history." Commented Newsweek reviewer Peter Prescott: "I'd rather go to France with Ina Caro than with Henry Adams or Henry James. The unique premise of her intelligent and discerning book is so startling that it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before. Introduced by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Robert CARO

    TERRANCE GELENTER-discussing the canon of Expatriate literature and presenting video clips of author interviews plus THE TERRANCE REPORT on today's Paris and PARIS THROUGH EXPATRIATE EYES activities.

    Debra OLLIVIER/WHAT FRENCH WOMEN ABOUT KNOW LOVE, SEX and OTHER MATTERS OF THE HEART and MIND on video-Terrance will animate a panel discussion.

    Saturday Oct 10, 2009 10AM-6PM Registration 9AM-10AM
    Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY
    Tickets: $85

    About Terrance Gelenter and Paris Through Expatriate Eyes
    "If you believe that Paris is the most beautiful city in
    the world... if you want to better understand the
    mysteries of the Parisian character, then PARIS THROUGH EXPATRIATE EYES is the place to be.
    –Pete Hamill
  • Pas de probleme!
  • Fabrice:
    I have added a copy of the flier for my event "Siggi Dimanche" on my page. It was in March. The response was so wonderful. We are planning another for 11 October.
    My best,
  • Bonjour Fabrice,

    Congratulations on creating the group. I have been following events in New York over the years through your site and am happy to join this latest venture.

    Perhaps you can help? -My passion is events and fundraising, I see this is a subject that interests you too. If you have any contacts in France I would be happy to meet with them as I am looking for a creative posting.

    I'm living in Paris so next time you come home drop me a line-I can give you the latest update on great restaurants and things to do in the city.

    A +

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