you live in NY ? It's for you !

Hello,I live in Paris and I would like to exchange houses with someone in New York or find someone who accepte to accommodate my mother and me.This trip to this mythical town is a gift for my mother and I think that it would be the best opportunity to visit this place.I want this birthday gift to be engraved in her memory forever!I'm planning on leaving on the 11th of April, and we'll stay until the 21th.I hope we will manage to exchange our "home sweet homes" and our beautiful cities.Take care!

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  • Chere Laurene, si tu n'as pas encore de reponse, je conseille de t'inscrire sur
    c'est un site specialement cree pour l'echange d'appartements dans LE MONDE!!!!!
    Alors tu trouvera plain de familles interessees par cet echange.
    Bonne peche!
  • try also .

    also to keep the memory i printed a book. I choose two web for that, and my

    I send copy a copy to friend who help us this summer to rent a house in Canada, her comments was that book is the best gift ever...

    if you need addresses in new york and how to travel in New york I will be happy to talk to you.

    good luck and happy holidays


    • thanks a lot for the website. I dont find home for this moment. I hope I can make a succes of realizing my mother dream... but i'm afraid about no answer.
      See you later, and take care.
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