One To World’s Junior Board was assembled in an effort to create a group of young, professional organizational supporters and to increase awareness of One To World and its mission amongst the many young, internationally minded professionals that call New York City their home.  Our June 2010 event is designed to bring together 200+ young professionals and Fulbright scholars that will be targeted through both the organization’s network and our Junior Board’s vast personal networks.  In addition to raising organizational awareness of our programs, this event will provide thousands of NYC public school students with the Global Classroom program.

Presently, we are in the beginning phases of securing a hip downtown lounge venue.  As mentioned previously, our target audience is a young professional crowd (mid 20s-late 30s) that is internationally minded. There will be a live DJ, first class raffle, and free signature cocktails and/or open bar for a portion of the event.  Tickets will be between $30-$40 and electronic invites will be used. At this point, we are actively looking to secure our venue location. 


·       Advertising through JBC Network

      Through personal outreach, JBC members promote the event and the mission and        goals of One To World

·       Media Coverage

      Through targeted press releases, media alerts and press kits, the JBC will increase   awareness about the organization and the event in order to drive advanced ticket sales.

·       One To World Networks

      One To World holds a large number of events per year (particularly for the       Fulbright scholar population in New York City) and has a vast network of       supporters and organization members.  These networks will be used to promote I            nterest in the event.

      * One To World Board of Directors Network 

      * One To World Graduate Student Network (Approx. 8,000 graduate students                  studying in the NYC  Area)

      * One To World Fulbright Grantee Network (Approx. 1500 International              Fulbrights studying in the New York City Area)

      * Greater New York City Chapter of the Fulbright Alumni Association

      * One To World Network Membership of over 90 New York City area                   universities




One To World is a New York City-based not-for-profit organization that brings Americans, including K-12 students, and international students face-to-face to share their lives and perspectives in life changing ways.  Through One To World programs, Americans and international students learn from one another and together they become active citizens in a global society.


The Global Classroom program exemplifies One To World’s unique approach; international students are trained/recruited to visit classrooms and discuss their countries and culture, opening young American eyes to the world.  Another good example is United Nations Weekend, where international students travel out of the urban area to Mountain Lakes, NJ and meet visiting diplomats while staying in the homes of host Americans.


The philosophy of the Fulbright program, "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries . . . ", inspires One To World, both in its mission and in its activities.  One To World sponsors the Fulbright Awards Dinner every year and is designated by the U.S. Department of State as the official Coordinator of Enrichment Programs for Fulbright grantees studying in the greater New York area. 


One To World enables Americans and international students to profoundly experience other cultures—with the goal of creating a movement of active citizen diplomats in the Fulbright tradition.





The proceeds from our November fundraiser event will go to support One To World’s

Global Classroom Program. 


All too often, only students in wealthy neighborhoods have access to global education,

where they gain the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to thrive in today’s global

economy and society. One To World’s Global Classroom is breaking this barrier. We

bring international students and Fulbright Scholars into classrooms in disadvantaged

communities throughout New York City to foster educational exploration across national

borders. We open the minds of local students to the deeper global realities, complexities,

and values of our time. By challenging stereotypes on the basis of nationality, race, and

ethnicity, our Global Guides bring about changes in school dynamics that reduce tensions

and promote fairness and cooperation.

In 2008-2009, Global Classroom partnered with 19 urban schools and afterschool programs, and reached over 1,400 youth.  Whether Global Classroom helps students grapple with culture-based violence, or inspires first generation college-goers plan for their futures, Global Classroom is an essential intervention for New York City’s public schools and afterschool programs. 


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