Learning a foreign language, as exhilarating as it can be, is at time rather tedious.
More playful learning devices than the traditional ones are then encouraged, like reading bilingual versions of books or watch movies in original version with subtitles... What if you added to those the option to discover the language's subtleties through its popular songs?
French "chanson" as always been close to poetry, songwriters like Piaf, Gainsbourg, Brel, Aragon, Ferré, are good examples of that. This repertoire also offers the great advantage of the discovery of slang, like with Brassens or Nougaro.

Then, to work on the French language through its "chansons" gives the opportunity to comprehend the prosody and phrasing, as the music of the songs helps feeling the rhythm and musicality proper to the language, its accents and its tones.

Interested? Give me a call or text me : ☎ 917 864 5947

A bientôt !

PS : I can easily move to your area if needed, and also can propose you simple French conversation.

More about me :
I'm a French singer / songwriter, having my O1 visa. I'm also graduated from the ESCP Business School with a MBA.
For more information, check out my website: www.clotilderullaud.com

"Clotilde has a lot of talent and a very beautiful voice that brushes past basses and touch upon trebles with finesse. She is a flautist and story teller as well. This is probably why she loves so much playing with words and languages bringing forward their musicality. She puts together melodies and words borrowed from very respectable songwriters / musicians, when she doesn't add her own with confidence, conviction and a certain emphasis at times..." Thierry GIARD - Culturejazz.net

"The first obvious thing we can hear is her perfect diction and her voice full of tones without any cheap effects..." Jacques CHESNEL - Citizenjazz.com

"Remarkable diction, magnifying very interesting texts" Serge WARIN - Radio Canal Bleu

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