B R U C E  T H U R M A N  ( booth # 411)        at                T H E   A R T I S T   P R O J  E C T  -  NYC   


march 17-20, 2011




The standardized format of the books (mixed media on wood), offers a neutral surface onto which I stage my little dramas, project memories and vent anxieties. They are make-believe sketchbooks, pasted over and cut up, storyboards with movable pages. Referential in nature and constructivist in process, they could be looked upon as modern day (miniature) diptychs. I try not to plan them out too much in advance or pre-design them. They have an unfinished feel, a grit due to their being themselves both studies and works in progress.  In a sense, the notebooks are a parody of the design process itself, a virtual sketchpad that has become my personal narrative.


Bruce Thurman was born in Chicago on November 9, 1948. He studied Architecture at the University of Illinois and Art at the Beaux-Arts School in Paris.  He worked on numerous architectural projects in Chicago,  Paris, and New York during the years 1971/1981, when he moved to Paris to devote himself full-time to painting.  In addition to his art work,  his career includes decorative installations and commissions  in private and public spaces as well as film posters.

The ARTIST PROJECT is a rare opportunity for we the artists and you the public to meet directly ( without the presence of the art gallery).

If you like what you see on my web site:  www.brucethurman.com , or are intrigued by what you don't, please come to my booth #411 at the The Artist Project Expo and you can tell me why.  I look forward to meeting you.


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