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Directed by Jean Renoir

Screenplay by Jacques Prévert

(1936) In a hotel on the Belgian border, the locals are agog over one of the newly-arrived guests – could he be the notorious Parisian murderer on the run? Then a woman, the man’s lover, emerges to tell the whole story: in a convivial courtyard, l’amour is in the air, as the vivacious Florelle, patronne of an all-girl laundry, has eyes for René Lefèvre’s mild-mannered Monsieur Lange, who cares mostly about writing his lurid “Arizona Jim” Western adventures (despite never having set foot in America). Next door, a print shop churning out pulp magazines hums away, bossed by Jules Berry’s dastardly Batala (“a sublime creation of villainy” – André Bazin), arriving at dawn in a tuxedo, dodging creditors, and relentlessly hitting on young female staffers. But then things suddenly change, as the print shop becomes a collective, the “Arizona Jim” stories catch fire, and lovers get together. But in the midst of a celebration, in walks… Screenplay by Jacques Prévert (poet and later author of Port of Shadows, Children of Paradise, etc.), with new subtitles by Lenny Borger and Bruce Goldstein capturing the wit and spirit of his dialogue like never before. 4K DCP restoration. Approx. 83 min.​

Restored in 4K by Cineteca di Bologna, under the supervision of Studiocanal, with the support of the CNC.

Presented with support from The George Fasel Memorial Fund for Classic French Cinema.


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