à prioriphotographs by Cécile VaccaroIt’s in the little room, in my parent’s shop, where my father used take identification card photos that my brother and I started playing with the Polaroids.The people who had unwillingly moved, spoken or closed their eyes during the session, unintentionally offering us a new contact print to cut out, one more to slip in our box, to pick up, a new face to explore, find a name, an age, a job...That game I share today, along with the people who posed for me, & agnès b.A series of portraits, like huge ID photos; men & women photographed, following the same process.Same lighting, same pose, same centering, same bareness.A uniform, simple and steady approach, this is a study on my generation.The people I chose to photograph are between and around 30 and 40 years of age with different names, origins, occupations…A study on their gaze in the lens, their look of the world, a snapshot of their soul.Their backgrounds, their doubts, their expectations…People in their thirties today, children of the 70’s, now living in this emerging millennium, who are we, in these days, how do we live, what do we live for?So many different ways, as if our generation was freer to go wherever it wanted but not sure about where to go.À prioris, or prejudices, a strange combination of our instinct, our experience & our state of mind.À prioris will always be here to guide us, they are our adults landmarks, an invisible screen, a translation between us and others.They may comfort us but they are just as deceitful as the appearances they themselves judge by; so it goes with prejudices.So, this time, make fun of it, they may use them, play with them, confront them and accept them.opening reception thursday, september 10, 6-8 p.m
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