29 au 31 octobre @ 8 pm, 18 dollars, 12 for members" The body in its interior dynamic resembles an unexplored and uncontrollable molecular system, and yet it's a machine the dancer masters to perfection. "- SeringhausIci means here, in this place, now. Perfor means to perforate, push through. In Ici / Per.For Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh continuously unfurls and contracts, pushing through her body's physical limits and examining its ability to rest, to rise, to abandon itself and to resist. Vo-Dinh perforates space in a long continuum that is reminiscent of paper whose texture changes with repeated folding and unfolding. Performing with Vo-Dinh is award-winning composer Zeena Parkins.Lighting design by Fran�oise Michel, costume design by Virginie and Jean-Jacques Weil.
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