NEW YORK PREMIERE — Featuring a breakthrough performance from one adorable duck! Cathy's always known her dad was eccentric, so she's not entirely surprised when he gives her an egg for her birthday (though she got a cell phone from her mom). The duckling inside will think the first thing it sees is his mother, and even though she promises to watch it dutifully, it's Cathy's friend, Margaux, who is there when it hatches. While the friends both think Margaux will make an excellent caretaker, her parents see the wheelchair she's confined to as too great an obstacle, and send the duckling away. So the girls set out on their own to prove them wrong. Refreshingly matter-of-fact, the their ensuing search becomes not just for their web-footed friend, but also for friendship, independence, and belonging. The film is presented in French with English subtitles. Birds of Passage is bound to touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired!

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