The original work of five French artists Chantal Le Brun, Galý, Georges Castille, Véronique Coen and Wallace will be on display at Agora Gallery, NYC.

About Chantal Le Brun

Photographer Chantal Le Brun takes inspiration from her travels, seeking to capture the unsuspecting landscapes as they reveal themselves, as well as shifting cultural identities. Le Brun describes traveling as a positive reaction to the trials and tribulations of life, a way to put things in perspective as well as escape from personal troubles. Subtly, these photographs reflect this: they are full of the meandering lines of a traveler forging new paths, the details of daily life that carry an exotic air for the weary traveler, and the indistinct reflections of what one has left behind.

About Galý

French artist Galý revels in the tactility and creaminess of oil paint. Interested in communicating the universal symptoms of the human condition in schematic vignettes of sorts, Galý takes bare hands and palette knife to canvas to make the painting come alive.  Figuration factors prominently into the works, particularly a lonesome, anonymous male character Galý created to express the pain and struggle one goes through while trying to find one’s place in a hostile world. The artist also creates mixed media works in acrylic, incorporating a mix of Carrara marble powder, white pigments and rabbit skin glue as well as bits of newspaper, fiber, and wood for texture, all coated with natural pigment. Having grown up in the forest, Galý’s mixed media works recall early years working with organic materials such as earth mineral, vegetation and subtle energy.

About Georges Castille

Born in Dijon, France, Georges Castille studied Decorative Arts before putting his passion for art on the back-burner to become an engineer. Years later, Georges Castille reconnected with art, creating tables, woodcarvings, and sculptures. This exploration of three-dimensional objects has led Georges Castille to his current body of work, in which relief woodcarvings provide a surface for polychromatic paintings that make full use of the color spectrum. Georges Castille’s skillful use of gradients unifies the wood elements and results in explosive, eye-catching work.

About Véronique Coen

In her experimental abstract expressionist paintings, French artist Véronique Coen combines various styles and modes of expression to create a totally unique art form. Working primarily with acrylics and oils on canvas, Coen masterfully leverages elements such as color, composition, and abstract form to execute stunning forays into the complexity and depth of human emotion. It is this exploration that truly makes Coen’s work so fascinating: visual emotive expressions lead the viewer into familiar worlds of the inner self, where the rawness and intensity of human emotion is always dominant and ever compelling.

About Wallace

For Wallace, a British and French artist, “war and its accouterments” serves as an appropriate focus. Wallace’s recent work, which consists primarily of repurposed vintage postcards from 1920s and 1930s Belgium and France, makes use of both image and text, resulting in a photographic print that reimagines history without overtly altering the source material.

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