French Goes Public

Dear New York in French Members,

If you enjoy this ad-free, spam-free, social network please consider supporting the charitable initiative of the month.

French Goes Public is a joint initiative of the French-American Cultural Exchange Council and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Each dollar raised is matched by one dollar from the French Embassy. Click on the above link, enter "French Goes Public" in the Designation box and donate. Money raised through New York in French will buy books for kids, train teachers, encourage schools to open French programs in the area, offer scholarships to underserved children so they can attend summer camps such as the French Heritage Language Program's.

As a donor you, will receive an automated tax receipt as well as a recognition letter from FACE.
All donations are tax deductible.

FACE (French American Cultural Exchange), is a nonprofit organization, chartered by the state of New York. FACE's mission is to nurture French-American relations through innovative international projects in the arts, education, and cultural exchange. FACE operates under the authority of a Board of Trustees and is managed by an Executive Director, with professional and logistical support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

You can also send cheques to:

972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075
Tel. 212 439 1405
Fax. 212 439 1455