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Trois Machettes


A day in the life of a family of three in contemporary Haiti. Child, adolescent, man – each with his dreams and frustrations and each finding a way to live. A day like every other day and everywhere, in every hand, there is a machete. So what will h

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Three Blades/Trois Machettes


Esther is 6 years old and lives her carefree life as a little girl until her father abuses her. A little music box appears in her life and will never leave her. As she tries to get rid of it, she sees that her mother has one too; but her mother does

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ADIFF African Cinema Film Series - Fevers



Fevers, winner of FESPACO - Africa's largest film festival - 2015 grand prize, the Golden Stallion of Yennenga, is a French version of We Need to Talk About Kevin about a disturbed young man raised on foster care who enters his father's Muslim house

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ADIFF African Cinema Film Series - Myopia



Fatem, sixth month pregnant, leaves her village perched in the mountains, to fill a frame with empty glasses for the elder of her village, the only person who can decipher the letters sent by members of the villagers’ families who have gone to work

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