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  • Salut Kym,

    Thank you for your call and spirited conversation this afternoon. This is wonderful! I'm reading through your email now. Thanks for adding my name to your New York in French page and I am adding your blog to our website.

    A tout à l’heure,

  • Hello Kym,
    How are you? I don't know much about bloggings. I looked at your blog though. It's very impressive. I have been busy trying to put some music videos for my Haitian group. Ckeck them out! I will do the same for your videos. I am looking forward to reading the Camille Roussan doc. Thank you. I appreciate your interest and knowledge on Africa and hope to learn a lot from you. God bless! and keep up the wonderful work!
  • Bonjours

    Great song selection. Please can I get you on my emaillist for upcoming African music concert.

    Thanks Daniel
  • ok! A new york comme aux Etats-Unis, 8 months. The first place i met is New York and I'm still here! Don't hesitate! I need to share some ideas about Africa, Our richness and our poverty. But we can talk about other cultures. Why not?
    Bye. If you want, we can use our emails. ok, bye!
  • Don't worry, i visited already your blog. And i think it's good! I'm here for just 8 months. I know you're expert about frenchspeaking Africa but if you've got somethin to know and that you don't find with internet or with people. Tell me! About my continent, i know a lot. Bye Kym!
  • WOW! I'm, i'm voiceless, i mean "wordless". How, i think an american woman, can know so much about us and our motherland, Africa. Yes, i know everything she wrote about, but trust me, many africans don't know all those stuffs. Mme KABAILA, chapeau bien bas!!!
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