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  • sorry i just see your message ! yes I'm french, i m closing my account if you want send me a message in facebook. See you

  • Ah no worries !!! Sorry for my late reply, I've been pretty busy since we're back from New York. The band YFE  just released a new single and the videoclip will be available next week so we have a lot to prepare about this but this is so exciting !!!! I know I still have to reply to your questions ! I'll try to do that this week-end ! Let's keep posted ! Juliette xxx

  • Ok cool, so then I'll try to answer next week ! I took note of the questions ! Sounds cool to participate ! :)

    Wow it can be so cool to meet you there at the Pianos tuesday. So many people will join, we're really happy as it'll be a very cool show !!!!! :) Let me know if you join and we can meet at the venue ! :)

  • Of course I'll be happy to help you. Do you have a deadline for me to answer to your questions ? I don't know if you saw but I also invited you for a show tuesday night at the Pianos. Do you know this place ? I'm working with the band Your Favorite Enemies and they're playing there ! Maybe it can be cool to meet there ? We're organizing a road trip from Quebec to New York, all the fans from Quebec are joining in a big bus. Well, you'll have the opportunity to meet a lot of other french canadians if you want to !!! What do you think ? Are you free on that night ? Let me know !!! Juliette

  • Hey Lauren ! I'm happy to talk with you again ! To answer to your question, yes it's a very unique experience to discover quebec accent. I think after 6 years here, I've got it pretty well !lol! But at the beginning, we lived some very funny anecdotes as some words are really different and it can mean something completely different !!!

  • Hello Lauren,

    I'm happy to meet you here. I can't help you work matters but I'm french from France ! :) And I'm living in Quebec now since 6 years ! It could be nice to keep in touch here if you want to !

    Have a nice evening !


  • Good morning Lauren, 

    We are looking for a French language and cultural coordinator who is able to propose language and cultural exchanges with France.

    Would it it be possible to talk about that in your French/ English language exchange?

    Have  a look at our website for more details :

    and plateform :

    Best regards

    Laure Chevalier Colombier

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