School Contest 2009

What is it? The French Embassy in the United States, in partnership with the American Association of Teachers of French, will host a series of school contests to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower. Who is eligible? This contest is created for Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) area students. All students of private and public schools, from grade K to 12 are eligible to participate, francophone or non-francophone. Students are divided into five categories according to their grade (K-3; 4-6; 7-8, 9-10, 11-12). Around 1500 students will participate in the contest. How do students participate? The following modes of expression can be used with no regard to which category one is in. Students can choose French or English language: - Design/Paint/Sculpt the Eiffel Tower: o Sculptures: the medium may be “paper mache”, plaster, clay, wire, etc. The dimensions of the works should not exceed 12 x 6 x 6 inches. o Paintings shouldn’t exceed 12 x 18 inches. - Create a Video or song about the Eiffel Tower. This work shouldn’t last more than five minutes. - Create a web page for the Eiffel Tower's anniversary. - Write a speech, a poem, an ode, a dialogue or a movie scenario that is set on or about the Eiffel Tower (4 pages maximum). - Draw a four-page comic on or about the Eiffel Tower - Build a small model of the Eiffel Tower. Dimensions should not exceed 12 x 6 x 6 inches. Each participating teacher can select up to five of the best works in every class (if, for example, he/she teaches 2 classes he/she can select up to 10 students). Teachers must also tell the French Embassy the number of students in their classes. Teachers do not need to be French teachers to enroll their classes in this contest. All entries must be mailed to: The Eiffel Tower Contest French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 Application Form The contest deadline to send your artwork is October 30, 2009 :: Awards :: Are there prizes to be won? Bien sûr! An awards ceremony for all prize winners will take place during the first two weeks of November. Winners will be notified of the date and location. Prizes include: - One super prize: One trip to Paris for the winner and the person of his choice - Four grand prizes: One scholarship valued at $500 - 45 third prizes: A luxury ‘souvenir bag’ of French gifts A committee including members of the French Embassy will choose the best entries in each category by November 2, 2009. The committee will be composed of people from different backgrounds (visual arts, fashion, music,…) so take this opportunity for your work to be noticed, it may lead to a new career! Winners and teachers will be notified immediately after they have been selected. All results will be announced on the education pages of and on New York in French on the first day of national French week: November 4th, 2009. The contest winners, their families and their school teacher will be invited to the award ceremony on November.

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  • Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Does "Tri-state" include all of New York State? I'm in the capital district and this would be a wonderful assignment for my students.
    • yup, New York state, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • visiterai le site. C'etait un plaisir participer en 2008 sur le theme des explorateurs en Nouvelle France.
This reply was deleted.