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Bonjour!I am the French teacher at a small Catholic School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I teach grades K-8 and am currently looking for an appropriate textbook for my 3rd-5th graders. I started the French program just last year and we are looking to expand it. Does anyone have any ideas or any books they like for this grade level? Thanks!

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  • Nous utilisons Allez-Viens pour nos classes de 5th Grade. Ça marche mal- c'est visé sur le lycéens. Les exemples et les vidéos tombent à plat ou font rire: appeler une fille au téléphone- tu rigoles! Pour les élèves de 4th Grade nous utilisons "Muzzy" de la BBC. C'est très motivant, à la fois simple et aussi developpé du point de vue vocabulaire que voulu. Il n'y a pas de "texte" cependant. Nous faisons beaucoup de projets et utilisons bcp de feuilles de travail. Muzzy marche bien depuis au moins 10 ans pour nous.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions!! Alex et Zoe is a book that we use as an activity resource and the kids love it! I will look up the other ones now too and see how we like them. Merci bien!
  • Bonjour Kathleen,

    For FLE for 3rd to 5th graders I agree with Emmanuel, Ludo et ses amis is a great textbook

    I would also strongly recommend taking a look at those 2 textbooks from CLE International:
    Alex et Zoé

    It's a very modern looking textbook with plenty of material that comes with it that you can use aside, the characters Alex and Zoé are great... The new version prepares students for the DELF prim and also comes with Smartboard resources!


    The big difference with Alex et Zoé is that Vitamine is entirely written in script (no cursive) and insists more on social studies aspects... great too

    Aside from that I know a few non fiction series that can be used in classrooms or libraries that kids ususally like:
    Kididoc from Nathan for exemple and Mes premières découvertes from Gallimard

    You can ask to see samples or buy all of these by contacting Hexagramm Books, a French educational book vendor in New York City:

    Hope you can find something you like!
  • I recommend old lessons from Telefrancais.. The program was developed long ago by TV Ontario. Many of the lessons can be found on Youtube.

    David Graham
  • Hi,
    At FIAF, we use a book called "Ludo et ses amis". Once you understood the general philosophy of the book, the activities really allow to get progress quickly. There's a text book, an exercise book, cds and a teacher's book. You can get more information @
    the book is french and may not follow strictly your curiculum but you can have a look.
  • How often do you meet? How long are the classes?

    I've used this book for my 4th graders, but if you meet often, it might not be enough to get you through the year.

    It's a great, colorful activity book from the UK.

    Bonne chance!
    • I meet with them every day for 30 minutes.
  • There is an old video series called "Telefrancais" originally done by TV Ontario in the 80s. It's kind of dated but many episodes are available free on YouTube.

    Take a look.

    David Graham
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