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    Company Name:  Bleu Blanc Rouge Summer Camp for Toddlers

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    Doing It “The French Way”:  NY Toddlers Get Frenchified at Summer Camp<New York, NY, March 18, 2012>  Are you jealous? …French children sit patiently at multi-course dinners at restaurants while their parents chat and eat for hours. They play happily in the park without turning to Maman for backup. They are independent, hard-working students with a strong sense of famille and national pride. This summer, NYC parents looking to give their own children a dose of that French je-ne-sais quoi need look no further than Bleu Blanc Rouge Summer Camp.


    Popular Parisian art dealer and ex-pat, Brigitte Saint-Ouen, follows up last year’s immensely successful French Immersion Summer Program with Season II. Again, toddlers at all levels of French – from the “my parents just think it sounds pretty” to the truly bilingual – will find a home away from home at Bleu Blanc Rouge.


    Three-, four-, and five-year-old kids are invited to: cook, swim, play, make arts and crafts, and learn French songs – all in a French-heavy environment. Learning French: Both the language AND the “way of life” is the goal.


    The multi-cultural, full-day environment is available as a full five-week “summer camp” experience, or on a weekly basis. (Each for a fraction of the price other New York City day camps charge).


    About French Summer Camp for Toddlers

    French Summer Camp is in its third year. Brigitte Saint-Ouen, the founder, has long served as a hub for the French ex-pat community in New York City with her popular French-in-NYC lifestyle blog, and Bleu Blanc Rouge LLc , and Post-Impressionist – Contemporary art gallery, 32 Fine Arts.


    The camp hours run from 9:00am – 3:30pm Monday through Friday.

    For more information and video opportunities, please contact Brigitte Saint- Ouen at (212) 780.09 tree two .

    32 Fine Arts
    At the heart of the New York art world is Gramercy 32 Fine arts business of great distinction. Brigitte Saint-Ouen has dealt in traditional paintings…
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