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I have been teaching French for the last 20 years or so to adults in New York City. I am now opening GROUP CLASSES for students to be able to interact with others but still in a very structured setting and of course I will be there to help, supervise and correct when needed.

Here are the 3 types of groups I am forming. They will start when we have a minimum of 4 students. So the earlier you let me know the better.


ARTICLE - An article will be handed out 1 month before class. The student will have time to read it and look up the vocabulary and and will be familiarized with the story. I will send with the article each student a different question.

During the group class, I will distribute all the questions to the students and ask each one his/her respective question. Students will have the opportunity to answer. If you are not comfortable talking at that time (sometimes it can be difficult for some), that is fine, you can at least read the answer you prepared. Listening is always good, even if listening to other students. Words and expressions will be repeated over and over during the class so you all will get something out of it.


CREATE DIALOGUES - Based on a topic of my choice (suggestions are welcome), I will assign each student a particular character. For instance, Jeff would be the clerk at the hotel and Cristina would be the angry unhappy client. They will create dialogues . Communicating among themselves, via email or however they wish.

During class, you would read out your dialogues and such and I may if we have time ask a few general questions on the ''episode".


THEATER PLAY - A few acts will be chosen by me and announced 1 month before class. The student will have time to read it and look up the vocabulary and will be familiarized with his or her role.

During the group class, students will do a reading of their ''part'' of the play. I will ask a few questions and students will have the opportunity to answer.

WHEN? DAYS PER EACH DIFFERENT GROUPS WILL BE CHOSEN BASED ON THE INTEREST SHOWN - Saturdays 1 to 2:30pm once a month - Wednesdays 4pm to 5:30pm and 6pm to 7:30pm every other week alternating

FREQUENCY? Since I am just launching these groups, minimum once a month, potentially very soon every week.

COST?: $45 per person for the 90 minute class (4 classes to be paid upfront) - this tuition will include WINE/NIBBLES, my constant help via email/text messages during the week if you need help with your assignment and all material needed for the assignment of course.

WHERE? West Village - Chelsea

So, if you are serious please contact me via TEXT IS BEST 646 420 7676 or email: Email : French A La Maison

WEBSITE: French "A La Maison"

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