French classes for adults at PS 84




-- Twelve (12) Week Sessions --



February 4th, 2013   through   May 31st, 2013


We are pleased to announce that P.S. 84 will again be offering French classes for adults.  Each course will meet for 2 hours once a week here at P.S. 84.  The classes are open to parents of students at P.S. 84 as well as other adults, so please let your adult friends know about these classes. The spring semester Monday class starts February 4th; the Wednesday class starts February 6th and the Thursday class starts February7th. Tuition is $280/class/semester. 


The French course will be a sequential program.  In order for success, it is essential that participants commit to and attend every session.  Val Berisha will be our instructor.  Val has extensive experience in teaching French as a second language. Val moved to NYC from Paris a few years ago and works as a French instructor for several organizations. In addition to teaching adult French classes at P.S. 84 and P.S. 58, she teaches children through Bonjour NY.  Additional instruction may be given by other instructors and Ria Aichour a native French speaker from Paris, founder and executive director of Bonjour NY programs.





By the end of the year you will have learned the following:

Oral skills

Spell and count / Greet somebody and say goodbye / Introduce yourself and someone else / Say why you learn French / Ask simple questions / Give and ask basic information such as name, email, phone number, age, nationality and profession / Express your likes and dislikes / Discuss your hobbies

Written skills

Write a short description of yourself / Write a short text about your family / Compose a postcard


This course accommodates students without any knowledge of French as well as students with a small amount of French instruction.



Learning goals will be set based on the abilities and level of the participants.  Advanced Level Class is for those who have two prior semesters of French or by permission of the instructor.



Conversation and grammar skills

In this class, we work on developing our comprehension and conversational skills in French.  At the same time, we will revisit and demystify many of the rules of grammar and pronunciation that so often interfere with our confidence in speaking. 


We use a wide array of materials that lead us to want to engage in conversation.  We have carefully selected pieces that challenge but don’t overwhelm us.  We listen to audio clips, watch movies and short films, read fiction (mostly short stories) and non-fiction articles.  All of these sources stir us to want to express ourselves.  Over a relatively short period of time, we will begin to notice how the words and phrases seem to just flow so we can get our thoughts and feelings across to other members of our class.

This convivial and informal class, led by a spirited native French speaker, will help us expand our vocabulary, improve our pronunciation, enhance our reading and listening skills, and fundamentally, make us more fluent in the French language.  You will not be disappointed!


The Intermediate Level is for students who have taken 4 or more semesters of French.





  • BEGINNER                                                                                                            Wednesdays, 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
  • ADVANCED  BEGIINNER LEVEL                                                               Mondays, 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
  • INTERMEDIATE: CONVERSATION AND GRAMMAR        Thursdays, 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.



Note:  We accommodate all levels!

Advanced beginner is for students who have studied French for 2 semesters.

Intermediate is for students who have taken 4 or more semesters of French.






*            The tuition cost is $280 per semester. The full semester’s payment (by check payable to PS 84 Special Projects) is due at the first class.  It is hoped and expected that (most) students will attend both semesters!

*                  New participants are asked to purchase two textbooks, at an estimated cost of $60.00.  The books are a good investment, as they are used for ALL levels of the adult classes. 

*                  Adult classes function best when there are many enrolled students for the purposes of lively conversation and enhanced opportunities for shared learning.  (Note:  classes may have to be cancelled if they are under-enrolled.)

*                        There are no classes during school holidays.

*                   For questions regarding partial scholarships, please contact Heidi Liss (PS 84 parent liaison) at



The registration deadline is January 31st.


To register, please contact Charlotte at with the class that you are interested in and she will send you a registration form.

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