Position : Assistant (Intern)

Description of the French Bureauexport:

The French Music Export Office is a nonprofit organization aiming to help the French music industry develop its artists and catalog internationally.


Description of the position :

The intern will assist the Director and project manager of the French Bureauexport in New York in their daily tasks such as:

Responsibilities include:

·         Prospecting and identifying key players in the music industry in the US

·         Communication with the French cultural network in the US (Embassy, French Institutes-Alliances Françaises).

·         Coordinating marketing and outreach for French-produced catalog in the U.S.

·         Research and inform French professionals about latest online opportunities in the U.S.

·         Writing and editing monthly articles and newsletters which are sent to professionals and members of Bureauexport, as well as creating promotional tools in English for American and French professionals.

·         Survey the Music press and collect recent news regarding French artists in the United States (concerts, press articles, charts).

·         Connect with US professionals and respond to requests from French professional concerning the US music market.

·         Managing communication tools of the French Bureauexport in the US (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, email blast campaigns) and maintaining a music blog
concerning French music productions.

·         Building a network of export contacts (music supervisors, music production companies), prospecting French production and synch placement in the US.

·         Updating Burex database

·         Switchboard and mail pickup.

2- Other projects:

·         Attendance of music trade shows, communication and coordination of American professionals in France (Transmusicales, Midem, seminars).

·         Communication and coordination with bands regarding specific American festivals. 


Position’s requirements

-       The intern must have a Bachelor’s degree, Good writing skills

-       Knowledge of Photoshop, and of the major social networking websites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc…)

-       Experience and knowledge with Music Industry and trends a plus.

-       Knowledge or general interest in French Music, culture and language a plus

-       must be motivated, organized and able to work on projects independently

-       Basic graphic design/Photoshop skills a plus (flyers, ecards)

-       Interest in Music, Marketing, Communication and Cultural projects’ management

-       Good interpersonal skills and writing capability


Part-time at French Bureauexport New York
Start time: as soon as possible

Contact :

Michele Amar


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