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I am looking for a French tutor. I have a strong background in French but it has gone without use for more than 20 years. Of interest to me would be a native French speaker from Paris who is University trained. I live and work on the upper east side of Manhattan. I would be pleased to arrange meetings elsewhere. I would like to meet with the individual twice weekly after 6PM or on weekends.

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    Hi!I'm a french native speaker, and i'm fluent in english and have experience in french tutoring ( i was french tutor for american children before).Here is my email adress if you have any questions: 




    Looking forward to hear back from you!





  • My name is Jennifer. I'm French, 28 years old. I have been living in New York for 2 years now and I am completely fluent in American English. I already taught American students in the past, both in New York and in France.

    I'm available for tutoring everyday after 6:30pm, Wednesdays after 3pm, and on Saturdays.

    My email is

    Thank you!
  • Hello,
    thanks for your response.
    please email me with your CV.

    zarifian said:

    Je me permets de vous contacter car je suis professeur de français et de littérature. Je vis à NYC et j'ai travaillé dans l'enseignement pendant plus de 10 ans . Puis-je vous envoyer mon cv ? J'ai travaillé avec de prestigieuses familles comme les Rothschild ou les Gainsbourg etc..Sincerely Lorelei 917 557 5864
  • I give private French lessons--I am currently teaching as an independent contractor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. I am a native New Yorker; I am a near native speaker of French. I have primarily taught language and literature at the college level-- at Columbia where I did my doctoral studies in French Literature, at Fordham University, and other colleges. I took a hiatus from academia--I worked in E-Marketing at the Metropolitan Opera. I am now teaching again. If you are still looking for a French tutor, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss details. You can e-mail me at

    Sincerely yours, Rena Anya Devéza
  • Bonjour,
    Please contact me at
    je suis française et arrive sur NY en septembre.
    feel free to contact me for more details.
  • Bonjour,
    Please contact us. or
    (646) 672-9876
  • HI
    I can help you. I have worked for three years in France educational system and I am also graduated from University of Paris 13. Here is my email for more
  • Hi Lewis.
    I'm Laurent. I've just joined the New York in French blog and discovered your offer. Hope it's not too late to answer.
    I'm a native french speaker. I used to live in Paris, and I now live in Harlem.
    I'm a french teacher in a bilingual school. I'm quite free in the evening.
    If you're interested in meeting and talk about your expectations and needs in french, you can send me an e-mail at
    We can arrange an appointment if you'd like to. We can also speak on the phone, just ask for my number.
    Talk to you soon
  • Hello,

    I m French and Im looking for a student job, like to be french teacher. I studied in french, in communication and journalism field. im leaving in the upper east side ( for few weeks now) . So if you are interessed by my profile, call me to have a meeting 3476370941
  • Hello,

    I am a native French speaker from Paris and I have degrees.I taught french classes in Paris.Please contact me in order to have more details.My email is

    Thank you.
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