French Caribbean misleading

Everything Haitian should not be considered French Caribbean since Haiti is not a French territory. The sponsors of this site should either include Haitian cultural activities (of which I am an avid supporter) and rename it "French-speaking Caribbean" or present only Martinique & Guadeloupe cultural themes under bhis banner. After all, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti share the same cultural roots and history... Merci.

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  • Hi Jacqui. I see that the semantics bother you, but if you look up "French" in any standard dictionary, you'll see that the adjective encompasses anything that relates to, pertains to or is characteristic of France, including language, culture, people, etc. So the term "French Caribbean" is perfectly appropriate for Haiti; it distinguishes the territory from all of the Spanish Caribbean countries that surround it (none of which is a territory of Spain, si je ne me trompe pas).
  • why don't you create the group you're talking about?
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