Développer des programmes bilingues dans les écoles publiques de NY.
L’association EFNY se veut être le point de ralliement et le porte parole de familles partageant un même objectif, qui est de promouvoir le français à NY.
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Ce que propose EFNY

EFNY est une association de parents d'élèves désireux de voir le français se développer sur New York.
C'est à partir de la motivation de parents que les choses se créées.
A ce jour, EFNY offre des after school (FLAM) en français par catégorie d'âges, pour les francophones et les anglophones.

EFNY est aussi à l'origine de l'ouverture de certaines classes bilingues français/anglais dans les écoles publiques de NYC
Pour plus de renseignements, n'hésitez pas à aller sur notre site www.efny.net
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par une simple donation de $20 ou plus (sûre et sécurisée via Paypal) afin de supporter notre mission et nos programmes. Dû à notre statut 501©3, vous pouvez déduire de vos taxes le montant de votre donation.
Les "Amis d'EFNY" recevront les Newsletters trimestrielles et seront conviés à la réception annuelle d'EFNY.

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  • Bonjour Fabienne,
    Les volontaires d'EFNY qui gerent les programmes after-school downtown (PS 234, PS 63 et NEST, PS 41) sont a l'affut de toute possibilite en bas de la ville. Meme chose pour les membres du Board et tous les autres benevoles d'EFNY donc si vous voulez nous aider ou si vous avez des pistes et des contacts, n'hesitez pas a nous contacter.
    Christophe Monier
    Tresorier, EFNY - christophemonier@gmail.com
  • Salut. J'aimerai savoir si EFNY a des plans pour lancer un programme bilingue downtown (District 2 ou 1).
  • EFNY at PS59 offer three French afterschool classes :

    Introduction to French ( This is an introduction class for children who have little or no knowledge of French) - From Kindergarten to second grade.

    Young Francophones (This a class for bilingual children who are starting to read in English, and may begin reading and writing in French) - For children from Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

    Advanced French for children (This is a class for bilingual children who can read and write in French) - For children from second grade through fifth.

    We started classes this week and we have few sopts available. If interested please contact me at kfajry@gmail. You can also check our web site www.efny.net for more information about our organization.

    Hope you can take advantage of this great oppurtunity to give your children a French culture and language education in New York.

    Kids Learning French in New York “Speak in French when you can’t think of the English for a thing…” ― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass The cr…
  • Merci Fabrice, je poste ici mon annonce:

    Voici une opportunité de concept culturel s'adressant tout particulièrement aux jeunes enfants francophones : LES ENCHANTERIMES.

    Professeur de danse, auteur jeunesse, je compose textes, comptines, histoires, chansons sous forme d’animations familiales, d’ateliers ludo – éducatifs et de spectacles interactifs aux multiples prolongements pédagogiques.
    Agréée par l'Education Nationale et accréditée par la fondation de l'Alliance Française, je suis formatrice de professionnels de la petite enfance et d'enseignants.

    Ma dernière publication en presse : le magazine LA CLASSE MATERNELLE consacre le hors série de la rentrée à mes textes : 80 comptines illustrées de photos d’enfants prises pendant mes interventions scolaires et accompagnées de 30 pages de pistes d’exploitations.

    De quelle manière la communauté francophile de New York peut-elle profiter
    de mes ENCHANTERIMES ?

    Le blog de Myriam BAUDIC
    Auteur jeunesse et professeur de danse, je compose chansons, comptines, histoires , et crée de multiples spectacles pour développer l" éveil des jeu…
  • We heard that some of the dual language classes throughout New York still have available seats, so please let all your friends know asap as it might still be possible to register children. You need to contact directly the school.
    In particular:
    - K class at PS 151 (Woodside)
    - 2nd grade at PS 84 (Upper West Side)
    - K through 3rd grade at PS 125 (Harlem)
  • P.S. 151 breaks ground with French program
    by Lisa Fogarty, Assistant Editor
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    Parents, teachers and the P.S. 151 community in Woodside said “mais oui” to a new French dual language program for kindergarten and first-grade students, set to start in September — the first of its kind in Queens.
    Although there are 81 dual language programs in New York City public schools, only five of them are offered in French, despite a recent statistic released by Education Francaise a New York, a group founded to promote French education in city schools, that says more than 31,000 children speak French at home. The French programs in operation are located in public schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

    As it turns out, Woodside has a vibrant French-speaking European and North African community, and was an ideal place in which to launch the borough’s first French program. P.S. 151 Principal Jason Goldner learned this fact when he was approached by two parents who were eager to establish a French program at the school. Uncertain of the prevalence of the language in his area, Goldner invited Woodside’s French-speaking families to attend a movie night at his school. The event proved edifying.
    “I had all these French-speaking children running around watching Babak,” Goldner said. “Unbeknownst to me, I found there is a French community in Queens. If my parents in this community want a French program, I’m going to provide it.”
    The French dual language program offers a classroom environment where half of the students in each class are English dominant speakers and half are fluent in French. By collaborating with the District 30 Community Education Council, the French Embassy, the Office of English Language Learners, which provides a $20,000 grant to any school that starts a French language program, and the parent organization French Education in New York, P.S. 151 will follow a 50/50 model in which half the daily instruction time will be conducted in English, half in French. Literacy and social studies will be taught in French and English. While math is taught only in English, math vocabulary will be taught in both languages. Specialty subjects such as science, physical education, art and music are taught in English.
    “French is not the priority,” Goldner stressed. “The priority is giving them a good education — and through getting a good education, they will learn French.”
    The program proved a success at P.S. 84 in Manhattan, a school that broke ground with its dual language Spanish program in the mid 1980s. A year a half ago, parents approached Principal Robin Sundick, requesting she add a French program to the kindergarten and first grade classes. The community found the curriculum so rewarding, there’s a waiting list for P.S. 84’s current kindergarten class.
    “By the end of six years in the program, the children really will become biliterate, bicultural and bilingual,” Sundick said. “Some are learning French and some are learning English, so there’s a real sense of community, support and collaboration in the classroom. It becomes a very nurturing environment and the children are really participating in each other’s education.”
    Teachers at P.S. 151 will not repeat any instructional content in translation, and students will be expected to meet or exceed New York State and city standards. The current plan will provide students enrolled in this year’s dual language program with French instruction until fifth grade, though the curriculum could grow to two classes if the neighborhood’s demographics change.
    “It’s a wonderful program and everyone on the council was in favor of it,” said Jeannie Tsavaris-Basini, chairwoman of the District 30 CEC. “Our only concern was how it would be funded.”
    Several organizations stepped up to offer a tremendous amount of help, Goldner said, including the French Embassy, which is assisting in funding the program. One of the school’s teachers already taught French to a group of students at an outside facility, and Goldner hired another French-speaking instructor to start in September.
    Besides giving parents an opportunity to help mold their children’s curriculum, the French dual language program has allowed P.S. 151 the opportunity to distinguish itself at a time when the school was rapidly losing students to other schools, Goldner said.
    “This program is giving it flavor,” he said. “It’s an exciting new program — and it’s going to add character to the school.”
    Space is still available for P.S. 151’s French dual-language kindergarten and first grade class. All French-dominant or bilingual students applying for the 2009-2010 school year will be tested by school staff for fluency in French. Testing will take place at P.S. 151 after school in September. For more information, contact Naida Ryans, parent coordinator, at (347) 563-4254 or by email at Nryans@schools.nyc.gov. Parents can also register at P.S. 151 located at 50-05 31st Ave., Woodside, (718) 728-2676.

    ©Queens Chronicle 2009
  • Merci, Virginie pour le lien!
    J'ai lu l'article a ma fille et elle est contente d'entendre des nouvelles de sa nouvelle ecole.
    Comment passez-vous l'ete? On est en vacances a
    Pourrions-nous se voir a notre retour a NY?
  • Merci...meetup.com sounds like a good idea!
  • Salut à tous!

    Je viens de créer un groupe sur le site « meetup.com » qui s’adresse aux familles francophones new-yorkaises. Je vous invite tous à en prendre un aperçu et à vous y joindre. Merci!

    Lien : Familles Francophones NYC

    -Ernest Barthélemy
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Middle Country School District has abruptly decided to eliminate its French Program.   We found out about these cuts by reading Sunday’s Newsday (2/6/11).http://www.newsday.com/long-island/education/state-number-of-failin...  We need your help to let them know how valuable French is in the world and to ask them to reconsider cutting the program.   The French program at Middle Country has a consistent record of !00% passing on the Regents.  For a school that is on the list of failing schools,…

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